E-cig Fire Prevention

Safety Matters!

In view of the horror stories that have been reoccurring in media regarding e-cig explosions and fires. Top Hat Tips wanted to bring to mind, for those of our readers who vape, a few safety tips. These tips are simple and easy to follow, just as Top Hat Tips strives to be.

Most everyone already knows that vapes are fueled by a lithium battery. Lithium batteries have two electrodes. One electrode is positive, the other is negative. A single piece of plastic separates the two electrodes. If damage where to occur to the plastic dividing the two electrodes, the two electrodes would touch. Thus, a fire or explosion happens.

Image by Lexphumirat from Pixabay

The causes of damage to the plastic divider within a lithium battery vary from instance to instance. Some of these causes are:

  1. Dropping a lithium battery device, whether one good time or multiple.
  2. Keeping near a heat source including, a car on a hot summer day can melt the plastic divider.
  3. Factory flaws that are not your fault, but already present within the battery.
  4. Using an unofficial charger (that is, not specific for the device).
  5. Devices that operate by trigger mechanism. For example, the button on an e-cig.
    1. Basically, damage to the plastic divider within your lithium battery.

So, why is the button for triggering a vape, to make vapors, dangerous? Sometimes, when a vape is carried, it is accidentally carried in a manner that keeps the button constantly triggering. That causes over heating of the vape. Over heating of the vape (lithium battery) damages (melts) the plastic divider. The two electrodes touch. Suddenly, there is a fire.

Image by Kyle Bowers from Pixabay

For safety’s sake. Do not treat your vape or any portable lithium battery operated device carelessly. Avoid dropping, keeping near a heat source, charging with any charger that is not made for that device. Do not be careless with how you carry it. Make certain that you are not putting repeated pressure on any trigger mechanism while it is not in use.

Keep yourself and others around you safe by taking a little more precaution when utilizing or not utilizing your vape. You can also apply these safety rules to, not only your vape, but to other lithium battery devices.