How to Truthfully Manage Toothache Pain!

Toothache pain can be an excruciating experience. It can also be quite debilitating. Almost, everything under the sun has been tried to relieve toothache pain. After all, we can’t always just run to the dentist. As much as we should and would like to, even the dentist can’t always be available.

There is also the cost. This cost is not in reference to seeing the dentist. After all, that is inevitable. It is in reference to money spent on home remedies that don’t work. Speaking of work, the time spent at home, in pain missing work!

What can we do in-between making a much needed dental appointment and the time it might take to actually get in to see the dentist? This may come as a surprise to you, but there is a solution to the mean time and still live our (overly) active lives.

  1. Go to any pharmacy and pickup…
    • Triple antibiotic ointment
    • Peroxide
    • Echinacea
    • Anti-inflammatory pain reliever
    • Dandelion daily detox tea (must be daily detox).
    • An electric heating pad.
  2. Brush your teeth well or as best as you can. Start by rinsing first with water, then follow with peroxide. Do not dilute. Rinse 2-3 times with peroxide. then brush.
  3. After brushing, rinse again with peroxide followed by water.
  4. As you would apply Orajel, apply the triple antibiotic ointment onto the affected area. That is, the gum line. Not the tooth! Look for a polyp or blister. This is the source of pain. Infection!
  5. Allow the triple antibiotic ointment to sit for about 30 minutes before eating or drinking.
  6. After about 30 minutes, make yourself a hot, warm or cold cup of the dandelion detox tea (use twice daily). While drinking this tea, take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Such as, ibuprofen and according to the directions on the label. Remember. You should, also, not take any anti-inflammatory on an empty stomach. Nor should you take more than the directions call for. However, take every 4 hours as directed on the label.
  7. After eating and taking your anti-inflammatory, repeat the rinse process and reapply the triple antibiotic ointment. Sit and relax with the heating pad applied to your soar cheek. Repeat after eating or drinking and before bed.
Important Reasons for this Process!

Triple antibiotic ointment, is not truthfully antibiotic, but fights infection in much the same manner. A plus is that it does not become ineffective, as would regular antibiotics.

Using triple antibiotic ointment will not harm you to apply to the gums of your mouth. In fact, because of your mouths ease of absorption, your gums will absorb it’s properties and thus, fight the infection. Fighting the infection will promote pain relief. You should start feeling results within about 1-4 hours. Depending on how severe the infection.

Peroxide deep cleanses within the mouth. It will work more rapidly and effectively and also, helping fight infection. It’s effectiveness is greater than regular mouthwash.

Echinacea helps fight infection by promoting your bodies able to cleanse. You should buy a good strong bottle (about 1,000 mg) and take as directed. Cleansing must work from inside out. Trust me. You will be happy you used it.

Anti-inflammatories reduce swelling, as well as, numb some of the pain.

Dandelion daily detox tea is almost instantaneous as to removing toxin, in this case infection. It works fast and rapidly. That is why it is important to use daily detox. Daily is mild, but works fast. Stronger than daily could cause adverse reactions. Especially, if you’ll need it about twice daily.

The heating pad soothes pain.

Important! You will also, need to drink plenty of water. Water will help remove toxins, as well and will prevent dehydration. Dehydration could occur from the usage of the dandelion detox tea. It is diuretic! Drink plenty of water!

This procedure should take effect within 1-4 hours. Take all pills and capsules as directed on their labels. The directed amount will, truthfully, be all you’ll need. That includes discontinuing use. Such as, within 24 hours, as according to the anti-inflammatory label.

The rinsing, the twice daily brushing and the triple antibiotic should continue on until you can see a dentist; or when all signs of infection are truthfully gone. disclaimer: Remember. Tips are the same as suggestions. Any suggestion used from this site is to your own discretion. Also, any search engine or web host is not responsible for suggestions nor content within this website.