Active Shooter Safety! Learn Prevention.

Every year we are faced with the news of an active shooter. We live in daily fear of when and where it could happen next. Yet, with no choice at all, we must go out there and face the possibilities of it happening to us. So, we get in our cars, ride our public transits and do what we have to do. Go to work, go to the grocery store or take the kids to school. Most of the time, we are only doing what we must do. Is there any help out there before it costs us our lives?

From the year 2000 to 2018 there have been 277 incidents of active shooters. Resulting in a total of 884 deaths and 1,546 wounded. This is not a trend among the criminally insane, but a more than negative evolution into criminal how to.

FBI Quick Look: 277 Active Shooter Incidents in the United States From 2000 to 2018

Unfortunately, unless, we can walk and live our daily lives with an army of armed men and women to protect us. There is very little that we can do. Furthermore, we cannot blame the government nor the police. They simply cannot predict the future. However, there is something that the Department of Homeland Security has provided. They have provided a website with videos, links and ways to form organizations; that help us help ourselves during an active shooting.

The Department of Homeland Security has given a plan of action to take, in order to help ourselves and possibly others, in case of an active shooter. Similar to “stop, drop and roll.” Home Land Security says, “run, hide, fight.”

Photo by Kehn Hermano from Pexels
  • Run: Run and escape away from the shooter. Leave personal belongings where they are and warn people as you go. Warning people might help save lives.
  • Hide: When running is not possible, hide and away from gun fire as much as possible. The objective is to stay out of the shooters view and don’t hide in groups.
  • Fight: Fight is the last resort. When all else fails, fight for your life.

Along, with these guidelines is also, what to do after. After, the police have arrived and it is safe to move. You must always, keep your hands in the air. Keeping your hands in the air helps police identify you from any other possibly opposing threats. Not having anything in your hands is also recommended. Make certain your hands are always visible to the police.

Walk toward the police. The area that the police have entered from is regarded clear. This is why this area is possibly safest after, the police have arrived.

Remember. The police are armed and it is necessary for them to push their way toward the shooter. They may have to push or shove to break through a crowd or a person obstructing their way. Do not be surprised to see this happen or experience yourself. They will also, overlook the injured. The police have to do this in order to quickly apprehend the shooter. Don’t forget that the objective is to stop the shooter before others are killed or injured.

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