The Dust in My Vacuum is the Dust in My Home!

It’s obvious. We all have different households. Our homes are a reflection, of our unique characteristics. No matter how similar we may seem, we are entirely different. Such is the same, when it comes to the dust sitting in our vacuums. They are very much the same, but what I have more of, you may have less, and vise-versa. Take the Universe, for example. The dust in one sector of universe is totally unique to another.

Although, the basic ingredients of each other’s household dirt may not be any surprise. Our circumstances that surround this vast galaxy, of contaminating, pollutant particles, voyage us into unknown danger. This danger can be set off by what we do (clean) or don’t do (not clean).

According to the Mayo Clinic, and other scientific research studies; the contents of a vacuum contains at least 5,000,000 – 6,000,000 bacteria and more (which may now, include COVID-19). That count varies from household to household. Also, dominated by household circumstances. These circumstances vary between being a pet owner, occupation, number of people living within the household, and etc. Thus, the multiverse that is the compilation of our individual households.

Like the Universe, in which we live, our galaxy expands and contracts. When we have not cleaned, yet, our galaxy of dust expands and shifts. We walk, we stir dust that is unseen. We sit, we stir dust and that is also, unseen. Throughout all of our activities, within our homes, we are constantly stirring dust. Furthermore; we are dragging it in through our entrances and from room to room. This is the expanding and the shifting that happens to that microbial galaxy. Add pet dander and natural, human flaking that is also, happening.

In order to contract this vast galaxy of strepococci, staphylocci, sarciane. Just to name 3, out of possibly or likely more than 6,000,000 germs and viruses. We could either get sick (contract) or we could reduce it by cleaning (also, contract; i.e. make smaller).

The most effective way to ‘contract‘ (make smaller) our overly expanded galaxy, of filthy debris is advised to us, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or , the CDC. The CDC has published a guideline, for people who live with someone infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), might be infected with the Coronavirus, or is infected themselves. Keep in mind that I did search high and low for guidelines for regular household cleaning, not related to the Coronavirus. As far as, our governments advice, the only guidelines available (without going to the library) are in relationship to the Coronavirus.

With that having been said, these guidelines are quite helpful. Due to the Coronavirus and each of our chances, for contracting (catching, getting the virus, etc.) this disease; these guidelines should be followed. You can find these guidelines by this link; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). disclaimer: Remember. Tips are the same as suggestions. Any suggestion used from this site is to your own discretion. Also, any search engine or web host is not responsible for suggestions nor content within this website.