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When Time Takes a Photogragh.


Once I was shown a photo of a beautiful gown featured in a display at a museum. The gown was worn by someone in the early 1800’s. The photograph was taken with a cellphone. I viewed it on that cellphone. No big deal. Right?

There was no person in the gown. There was no mannequin representing a person in the gown. It was displayed on a dress form so that the gown could be fully viewed.

Other people where viewing that photo with me. There was about 5 of us, in total. Somehow, and even upon the very instance of viewing, the gown became alive.

The gown did not move. It seemed like it could move. Strongly! The stark time difference stood out. Profoundly! The time of the gown was all around it. The gown could be felt.

Everyone viewing that photograph felt the same. The person showing the photo experienced those feelings at the museum and after, taking the photograph. It was a beautiful profound moment. No matter how many times we viewed that photo, the same feelings occurred.

I have experienced similar in the past. Old things do that. Yet, never had I experienced feelings like that so strongly, and deeply. It was a profound moment for all of us. So profound, that it affected all of my past experiences. I now, view past feelings differently. As for the future, it will be different.

As far as the question; “Was the picture haunted?” I would say, yes and no. How can a picture be both haunted and not haunted? In my last post, I somewhat described the Universe as expanding and contracting. Scientists also, say that the Universe is growing. It’s growing process includes the expanding and contracting. The Universe will expand and contract over and over again. Until, it pauses. Sometimes, when it pauses, it pauses larger than the size it was before it expanded and contracted. This is predicted to be it’s behavior forever!

It has come to light, in my mind, that the Universe does not grow without understanding all that it is, and all that it holds. Every living thing has to be considered. Every plant and every animal contributes to the shape, of not just our world, but of the Universe as a whole.

To do this accurately, the universe must also, remember all that ever was. It can take from our then and our now, combine it with everything else, Universe. By this data, the Universe forms it’s shape and pin-points it’s direction. The future and all of it’s probabilities is within it’s foresight. Yes, the Universe must plan a future and move in the direction that is best for itself!

We too, must remember in order to pin-point our direction. We must remember love and loss. We must remember past civilizations and the perils that led to there end. This is to determine the shape we are currently in. Then we can move forward and reshape the future.

The Universe participates our remembering. What was no longer there, seems to appear. Images held-fast to remind us of a person or a time. These images are regarded by some scientist as photographs taken by time. That time itself takes photographs we see as ghosts. We must also, be reminded that there is a such thing as … moving pictures!

By our thoughts, words, and actions in regard, to these feelings and photographs. We convey information to the Universe about the direction we are planning and/or the shape we are in. The probabilities of our future are foreseen.

Furthermore; if we are a threat to our Universe and thus, ourselves, will the Universe retaliate with earthquakes, hurricanes, pestilence, and disease? As we fight to live, does also, our Universe?

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