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UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro

Although, domestic robots have been around since the 1980’s and before. Robots have become a family companion, and especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic. People have explored the internet and other media resources to find an outlet of escape from quarantine. In these explorations, people have inspired upon the idea to experiment within the field of robot companionship.

This companionship isn’t in regards to loneliness nor sadness, but instead to see “what if,” and to find that perhaps there is fun in owning a robot. Almost, like a new family pet. This is not exclusive to just families. It is also explored by single individuals, and people seeking alternatives to having a pet.

Made by UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP, and one of the most popular of it’s type; the Alpha 1 Pro stands 16 inches tall and deemed the title, humanoid robot. It is able to be programmed by 3d programmable software, plus pose, record, and playback (prp) function. Prp is that the Alpha 1 Pro can be put in a posed position. The position is then recorded on an app that plays back the position. It also has pre-programmed moves and positions. The prp feature allows the user to add to the list of motions and poses that already comes in the app.

Although, the Alpha 1 Pro is classified a toy. It is recommended for ages 8 – adult, and also utilized for educational puposes. The manufactures of this robot has this to say about the Alpha 1 Pro, “Alpha 1P is so much more than a piece of motorized plastic… His personality and his life-like human movements make him a member of the family.”

As far as, fun-for-all. There are a wide selection of robots for fun and duty. These duties consist of vacuuming, mopping, serving as a security system, and functioning a smart home. They can play games or read to your children.

This Alpha 1 Pro can be found on Amazon (Alpha 1 Pro link) and other stores. Amazon includes a manufactures video, accessories, and other similar products.

When selecting a robot, it is necessary to consider what the reason is for. Is it going to be for strictly domestic reasons? Reasons like cleaning or mopping a home. Is it for fun, only? If so, what type of fun should the robot provide? How big should the robot be? Does the size matter? Such as, will it’s new home be a small space? Will it be preferred that the robot is kept in storage until needed? What about for smart home and security purposes?

Just like choosing a pet, choosing the right robot is not different. The robot must suit the needs and wants of the owner. Making a careful, well planned selection will result in a positive investment, and not a waste of money on what would seem a useless piece of junk, because the robot did not fit the owner. May the Force be with you!


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