Beyond the Grave, Someone Spoke to Me! No Lie!

Things have not been going great for me. I had a descent job. I worked in regards to the Oil & Gas industry. What it regards is that we built a product that extends Gas. Especially, natural gas. We built vapor recovery systems. A machine that captures vapors/fumes and allows them to be recycled into reusable fuel. Great, huh? Yes, it was.

Well, like others. Along came a pandemic. With that; came a massive decrease in gas prices. With that; came layoffs. You guessed it. One of those layoffs was me.

I found another job. That job was a work at home job. I was receiving unemployment, but because I had gotten a new job, and was about to be paid. I cut the unemployment off. Low and behold payday came around. I had been working at this job for 1 month.

Guess then what happened. The job cut me off, and without my 1 month pay! I was instantly destitute. I haven’t had any success finding a job since. Now, I sit without unemployment. I sit without an income. My rent is able me to pay this month. The month of September, 2020. My car payment, however, that’s a different story. Next month’s rent is another.

I have put in to be reinstated my unemployment, but I am still waiting for the investigator to contact me. Which means you are probably wondering, “Isn’t blogging earning you any money?” No, not yet. I don’t know when it will.

That leaves me with being on the very brink of loosing everything. Right now. I am on the brink of loosing the only place I have to go, and all of the possessions inside of it. I am on the brink of loosing my car, too. That is everything! I have nothing else.

Right now. I feel powerless. I can’t make money talk. I don’t have any. I can’t make money appear. Not even unemployment or a stimulus check. I can’t make people want to hire me. I can’t make my tears valuable.

At this moment, I feel worthless. I feel like the fact that I am merely a human being is merely. A piece of trash to be swept under a rug.

Being as powerless as I am. I decided to watch YouTube. I was hoping for some good news about a stimulus check. While skimming through, I caught a glimpse of Cadwick Boseman. I had been sad about that, too. I was hating when good things have to be taken away.

It was a speech he had mad in front of a graduating class of Howard University students. It was as eloquent as a speech would be, if it were Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela. It rolled off his tongue without a script. Without notes. Without Que cards. It taught me a thing or two. It got rid of my feelings of despair.

No. The speech did not get rid of my need for money or to maintain transportation, and a roof over my head. It did get rid of my belief that God never helps me.

I do love God. I am just one that thinks that God doesn’t love me. All I ever wanted in life is to live it fulfilled. The fulfillment coming from helping others. Making a positive difference. That is all I wanted.

I started watching this recorded video that was put on YouTube. I had tears in my eyes due to the current surrounding circumstances. While listening to every word this man, this hero had to say, I understood something.

I understood that I was not powerless. I understood that I was born with power. I understood that everyone possesses the same power that I posses. I understood that everyone else was born with it, too. I understood that I could make positive change.

I realized that I possessed this great power, but did not know how to harness it. Not until I watched that speech made by Chadwick Boseman. Then I began to realize that the effect that his speech made on me could be articulated onto others.

All of my life, I have had this power surging from my fingertips. I am using that power, now. Adolf Hitler had the same power. The same power that you and I have. That power is able to make a difference in somebodies life, today. He chose nothing positive to use his power for. Remember. I said everybody is born with this power.

What stifles that power for a lot of us is not recognizing our outlet to exercise that power. In order to use your power, you have to recognize your outlet. My outlet is the written word. Through these words I am writing. I am able to pass to you what I was brought to realize from someone else.

This someone’s power will live on forever. All who understands this will spread understanding to others. So, from the knowledge of Chadwick Bozeman, to the desire to inspire from some YouTubers (They succeded; Didn’t they.), and from me, to you. This chain will never end.

Provide your power an outlet. Know that you can make positive change. No matter who you are!

Then like me, God will be understood to have been only waiting!

The link to Chadwick Boseman’s speech. (click)