At Home Halloween Fun!

Our fun Halloween holiday has been infected by another horror plaguing us all. We all know what it is called, but we continuously struggle throughout the year to get rid of it. Yet, it does not seem to want to leave us alone. It won’t let us go back to our regular day to day lives. It has negatively affected every holiday since it began. Sadly, it will put a damper one of our most favored and beloved holidays. Halloween!!!

Deciding whether or not to spend Halloween at home, or make a go for it out in public is a hard and even dangerous decision to make. We all want our old lives back, but outside of our front doors where once there was freedom. Now, lies a detriment of restriction and dred that puts unwanted fear in a Holiday we all want to enjoy.

Halloween isn’t only about ghouls and goblins. It is also, the fight against ghouls and goblins. The worst ghoul/goblin of them all for us, right now is COVID-19! Getting mad and refusing to wear our masks and maintain a social distance is not going to win the fight. It is only going to make things worse. When this fight is won it will be because we participated the battle, the war. We did so by washing our hands regularly, keeping a social distance of 6 feet, and wearing our masks. We also participated by staying home.

If you decide to take that potentially dangerous risk and go out for Halloween. Remember, how to keep yourself and others safe, and practice it. Please!

If you decide that it is best for you and your household members to stay home, try some of these fun things to do. YouTube has a bounty of resources free for everyone to use. Here are some fun stuff that you can make, use or play for having a fun Halloween at home.

Tors Times YouTube channel has a post featuring Halloween games that are fun for adults. These games are not board games. The hostess says that they are okay for children, but it is featured and recommended for adults. Take a gander at this channel for great fun and ideas for Halloween fun at home. Just click on that play button located in the center of the big icon below entitled 5 Adult Friendly Halloween Party Games to get started. When you want to return to Top Hat Tips just hit your back button.

Having a spooky Halloween dinner can be a treat almost as yummy as trick ‘r’ treating! The Halloween recipes on this Youtube channel can fill every bellie with Halloween remembrance while allowing every tummy to embrace their dark side. This year treating Halloween a bit like Thanksgiving might just be the current in vogue. After dinner, throw in a little bit of Easter and allow the kids to play a twisted candy hunt. Just tie a fist full of sweet treats into a tie bag or simply use Ziploc and let the kids and even adults, if you’d like to get a satisfying taste of Halloween trick ‘r’ treating.

Another good idea is to add some tricking into it. Instead of always finding candy, they can find that a Halloween trick is right up your sleeve. You can always jump out of a dark corner and scare them. Yet, these two videos can bring magic to a hum-drum Halloween at home. Practice safety precautions prior to utilizing these fun and amazing tricks!

Have a fun costume night! Buy or make your costume/costumes. Then break out the camera! To top all of that dressing up off download a photo manipulation app. Make photos of yourself and others look even spookier by adding some artistic photo editing. You can even make fun GIFs and laugh the night away. Then store away your fun memories as you would like to.

For fun costume ideas try these videos.

You should know that all of the photos featured on this post are of me. What I used was a download from the Google Play Store. The app is Photo Lab. You can find lots of Halloween picture enhancing on there or look for other apps that are at the Google Play Store. A lot of these apps are for free or you can pay a small amount from $5.00 to $20.00 for their premium selections. Here are some more photos that I hope will inspire your Happy Halloween!

Remember! Practice safety throughout all of your games and tricks, and don’t forget to wash, wear a mask, and keep a safe distance.