CDC Predicts 20,000 New Deaths By Election Day Due to COVID-19!

ABC World News Tonight reported that the CDC has predicted up to 20,000 new COVID deaths might occur before election day. This is greatly due to the cooler weather conditions of fall and especially, the cold of winter.

213,390 deaths have already occurred to date. On Thursday, October 8, 2020 over 56,000 new cases were reported. This number is a major increase at a 2 month high. Eleven states have reached record high hospitalizations this week. The news report also suggested that COVID-19 is spreading from not only stranger to stranger, but friend to friend, and within households living under one roof.

One of the major concerns from the CDC are people overweight, or obese. They are at a much higher risk for contracting the Coronavirus. According to the ABC News, more than 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese. That means that not only the colder weather as a fearful risk factor, but the count of 70% of the people in general are at a higher risk. This increases the possibility of spread, and coincides with the CDC predictions of a second wave.

According to the Washington Post on April 24, 2020, “The laboratory results show that increases in temperature, humidity and sunlight all can speed up how fast the virus is destroyed, based on measurements of its half-life when exposed to these elements.” This also plays into effect of seasonal illnesses already existing such as, influenza a.k.a. the flu. Keep in mind that not only has the flu become stronger over the years, it will now have the opportunity to meet the Coronavirus in these colder seasons.

That is why the CDC has expanded their report of the risk factors contributing to the spread of COVID-19. You can review these risk factors and other reports on the CDC website at Center For Disease Control Prevention.

Now, that the colder weather is approaching. Now, that other illnesses of yearly happening are starting to reemerge. It is high time to start playing it safe, and wave goodbye to the fun and thrills of summer. Playing it safe means wearing our facemasks, maintaining right social distance, and washing our hands frequently. It is time to slow down, and plan a winter that is best spent at home.

Let me emphasize on the fact that people are carriers. This isn’t just exclusive to strangers, but family members, friends, coworkers, and even the innocent children. This is also the spread. This is why we wear the masks. The carriers that we all can potentially be.

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