Inspiring Keep Safe Halloween Costumes During COVID-19

Halloween is approaching. No one wants to miss out on the celebration of fun, candy, and darkness this year. However, Halloween is not banned. It is thankfully, provided by the CDC guidelines that will help keep you, and your loved ones safe.

These guidelines restrict some options for what can be worn for a Halloween costume. They do not cancel the imagination and ingenuity you could apply to creating a Halloween costume for yourself or someone you love

  • The CDC advises to always wear a protective COVID-19 face mask.
  • Do not substitute a costume mask for a COVID-19 safe face mask.
  • Do not wear a costume mask over a face mask due to making it hard to breath.
  • If a cloth costume mask is worn, make sure it has a least two layers.

Maybe, these few usages and ideas will inspire you to make an unforgettable Halloween costume in despite of COVID-19.

Do not forget. That because it is Halloween and lots of people are going to be wearing costumes. That does not mean that all other guidelines for safety during COVID-19 are canceled or postponed. They are still very important even though it is Halloween. For all of the guidelines that you should definitely read and practice. Look on the CDC page called Halloween Celebrations.

The costume ideas presented here combine a COVID-19 safe face mask with Halloween makeup or with over the eyes half masks. These should allow you safety and breathability as per the CDC recommendations.

The Over The Eyes Half Mask or Half Mask

Uncle Bobby Half Face Mask $39.95 found on

The Zagone Studios Uncle Bobby Mask is a simple example of easy Halloween, and festively comical facial costuming. It allows space for breathing in between your face and mask. It leaves a large blank section below the top lip for application of a COVID-19 face mask. People may not know that you are not really Uncle Bobby.

Not only that. You can combine the Uncle Bobby Face Mask with any decorative COVID-19 face mask or go with just plain. I would recommend utilizing a disposable COVID-19 face mask with this Halloween half mask, because disposable is easier to breath through.

The iHeartRaves, and the Yayourel neck gaiter masks are 3 dimentional in appearance. Combining mask like these with the upper part of your face finished off in matching makeup detail, could cause Halloween costuming to change forever. Keep in mind. The neck gaiters are not super recommended protection from COVID-19. However, the CDC does state that cloth costume masks are permittable as long as the cloth is at least two layers. These masks fold to make two layers or you could buy two and combine them together. Just make sure you can breath.

Left: iHeartRaves $9.95, Amazon. Right: Yayourel $10.99, Amazon.
Coddsmz masquerade mask $14.59,

Coddsmz makes a masquerade half mask that is sure to turn some heads. It combines spooky with glitz and glam that makes Halloween a ball. Combined with a glitzy glam COVID-19 mask any bone head will definitely be the best dressed (lol)!

Dressing in a fancy ball gown or a hipster styled tuxedo could turn this seemingly girls only head wear into a unisex masterpiece. What a fancy Voodoo priest! No head will go unturned and you can get your fancy on!

No bones about it. This Halloween Tiger Cosplay brand mask is more than breathable, and it can be worn with a protective COVID-19 face mask underneath. Additional eyewear or makeup can be added. It is also scary enough on it’s own. Don’t worry about the fit. This mask is adjustable. There are no limits to what you can do. Use your imagination and let fright night begin!

Tiger Cosplay Mask $19.99,

Although, a lot of decorative COVID-19 face mask are inexpensive. If you want to utilize more creativity for your Halloween fun, make your own decorative mask. Sewing isn’t necessary when there is fabric glue. Fabric paints are also a good way to apply to your mask that special mark that calls it your own.

Halloween can be as safe as it is fun. Having to obey all of the safety guidelines does not mean that a damper has been placed on Halloween. The fun is still waiting for everyone. We only have to add more conscious thinking to our activity as we set out to have fun. Keep safe. Wash your hands frequently, practice social distancing, and wear a mask. Happy Halloween!