How to Put More Fear Into Your Scary Movie Night!

It’s well understood that Halloween is over. That does not mean that watching scary movies has left with Halloween. In fact, 72% of all people watch horror movies at least once in six months ( The question is; Will you be one of them?

If you are one of these people, that will once again, take on the position of sitting on the edge of their seat. While the popcorn spills, because both hands are shaking in fear. You might be willing to add to the challenge of, how much fear can you take?

There are people that upload horrifying videos on a daily basis onto the internet. These are actual happenings, or occurrences that has happened to them, and the they caught it all on camera. These are not groups of people that belong to some club or some organization. These people are random. These people are everyday people. Just like you and me.

These are people that are taking their dog for a walk, riding their bicycle on their everyday road, or taking a hike through the woods. They were not looking for anything out of the ordinary. Then something creepy, scary, and unexplainable jumps out at them. They grab their phone or recording device, and capture the moment directly to camera.

What’s captured is sometimes something eerie and transparent. Often times it is a gray seemingly monster called a cryptid. They have also captured what seems to be true poltergeist activity happening within their own homes. The list goes on and on. The question is; Is it fake?

I would perhaps be the first person to tell you that I don’t think it’s all fake. I would also, perhaps be the first person that would tell you that some of it does seem to have some logical explanation. Perhaps, I am the first person to tell you that 95% of these uploads that I view is truthfully frightening to see.

Thanks to the hard work of some very talented and entertaining Youtubers. These random and daily uploads are researched and compiled into regular video shows. These shows are easily unloadable onto any viewing device, and they are free. This makes it easier for anyone to view these uploads without doing the research themselves.

Now, let’s take at home movie night! For starters these vlogs are an excellent way to start scary movie night off by using one or two (more, if you like) as a prelude to the feature movie. It’s especially fearful if you select the ones that relate to the movie. For an example. The movie is Paranormal Activity. Selecting the specific vlog posts that show, what seems to be, actual paranormal activity happening in someone’s home makes the movie extra frightful!

In the middle of a movie, it is often necessary to get more soda and popcorn from the kitchen. Don’t hate pushing that pause button. Anyone that is left sitting while you are away is not going to have to stop being afraid. Just let one or more of these vlogs play as your movie interlude. Anyone you might be sharing movie night with will be well entertained while you are gone. Don’t be alarmed, if you discover that all of their fingernails are gone when you return.

These are three of the scariest compilation vlogs I have ever viewed. I have selected the ones that I think you will find quite fearful. Also, take this as a truthful warning. You might find these videos truthfully life altering in some ways. these are not intended for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

Slapped Ham