Over 100 Positive Cases of COVID Per Minute and New Symptoms

The CDC has issued a new warning. According to NBC Nightly News. The CDC believes, “…the next 3 months will be the most difficult in U.S. history.” This is due greatly to the staggering count of new COVID cases per minute in the U.S. Over 100 Americans are testing positive for COVID-19 every 1 minute. CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield says, “By February America could experience 450,000 new deaths.”

The warning is most crucial to people over the age of 65 or has a “significant health condition” These people are warned, “… not to enter any crowded public spaces where anyone is unmasked.” The CDC further warns people over the age of 65 or with significant health conditions to have any needed medications delivered. As well as, groceries. The warning does not exclude the general public. The CDC advises the general population to, “… restrict movement outside of the home.” Also, to not travel for the Christmas holiday (NBC Nightly News).

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Other Symptoms Reported

Along with fever, difficulty with breathing, and coughing. These being the most common symptoms of COVID-19. There are a few other symptoms that have been reported. These symptoms include: red or purple lesions on hands and feet, diarrhea, severe loss of appetite, loss of sense of taste and smell, dizziness, headache, confusion, and blood clots.

The loss of taste and smell is possibly one of the stronger indicators that a person is infected with COVID-19. The loss of taste and smell however, does resemble symptoms a person would have with the common cold. These two symptoms are still strong indicators of COVID-19.

Red or purple lesions on the hands and feet have become a more frequently reported symptom. These lesions accompany swelling, burning, and itching. Yet, this symptom does not occur until after having had COVID-19. This symptom also often resemble chicken pox, but usually, appear on the hands and feet. Especially, around the toes. Thus, coining the nickname, “COVID toe.” Doctors say these sometimes rash-resembling-lesions do go away. COVID toe can also occur when a person is asymptomatic, and not having any other symptoms of COVID-19.

Dizziness, headache, and confusion is another grouping of symptoms that seem to accompany each other. These symptoms can be caused by other conditions not related to COVID-19. For example, a person with high blood pressure can experience these symptoms. However, these symptoms have been found in COVID-19 patients that had no pre-existing illness causing dizziness, headache, and confusion.

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Blood clots, high blood sugar, and hearing loss do not necessarily accompany each other, but many persons having suffered a severe illness can experience these symptomatic effects due to having had high fever and inflammation. It is not uncommon for high fever and inflammation due to infection, to cause these symptoms (more about these symptoms).

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