What’s Current About the Coronavirus Vaccine and What’s to Come

The U.K has already begun to give out vaccinations. These vaccinations come from about 800,000 doses the U. K. purchased from Pfizer. The U. K.’s fist person to receive the vaccine was a 90 year old woman. The second being in his 80’s. That is wonderful news, but when can America expect to receive vaccinations?

The timeline that has been given keeps fluctuating. The best estimate, so far, is sometime within this month being December. The Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar stated on NBC Nightly News, “The vaccine goes out to places like CVS, Walgreens, hospitals, community health centers, or public health labs.” Alex Azar also stated, “By the second quarter of next year. We believe we will have enough vaccine across all of those manufacturers for every American who would like to be vaccinated.”

All of those manufacturers” is in direct reference to the 6 different vaccine makers that the American government has contracts to purchase 100 million doses each from. One of those manufactures is Pfizer who already has an FDA approved vaccine, and is the vaccine that is now being used in the U.K.

The other 5 vaccine manufacturers have not completed their testing that is needed to get approval from the FDA. Until, these other 5 companies get approved. American citizens must wait for those 5 companies approval by the FDA after the current vaccines have been distributed. Also, America has option with the Pfizer company to purchase 500 million more doses.

As far as, the additional 500 million doses that America has option to purchase at a later time from Pfizer. The company says it cannot ship more doses of it’s vaccine to America until next Spring. The reason for this is that America did not purchase more vaccine from Pfizer at onset. Due to the contracts that America has with 6 different companies with intention to purchase 100 million doses from each. So, the rest of the doses Pfizer did have had been purchased up by other countries. Therefore, currently the amount of vaccine America does have and is about to distribute are the only vaccines. Until, next Spring or the other 5 companies complete their testing, and get approved by the FDA. Whichever will come first.

As for the question, “How well does the Pfizer vaccine work?” It has been reported that the Pfizer vaccine is proving more effective than it was thought of before. It requires 2 doses. The vaccine shows a 50% effectiveness after the first dose, and a 95% effectiveness after the second. It also, proves to be effective for all ages and ethnicities, people who suffer from previous conditions like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Whether or not people who have already had the Coronavirus will be vaccinated is not known, but it has been a question. What the government and health officials would need to come to a decision is guidance from the FDA and the CDC. Although, an issue. The question has yet to be ruled on by either department.

A change to expect. After the Coronavirus, what we may have to do before entering a theater, a stadium, or any other public/crowded places. We may be required to carry proof of vaccination. Two companies are in the middle of developing apps for showing such proof. These 2 companies ‘so far,’ are IBM and Clear.

These 2 apps will show vaccination information in real time. This proof also called Health Pass by Clear. May be necessary for all who have been vaccinated to have in order to prove vaccination, before being allowed to enter public and crowded places. It is also suppose to make getting into such places faster and safer. Everyone there will have proven that they have been vaccinated.

Caryn Seidman-Becker, the C.E.O. of Clear said in an NBC Nightly News interview, “The stadium or venue would not see your personal health data. Everything is opt-in and you control your information.” In regards to how secure the Clear app will be. Caryn Seidman-Becker responded, “It is a secure identity platform. We don’t hold your health data.”

How far are we from having to use these apps? The major league soccer team called The L.A. Football Club plans to use Health Pass next year. Ticketmaster is exploring several options. The Australian government is considering to require proof of Coronavirus vaccination before entering the country (post’s source NBC Nightly News for Dec. 7th & 8th 2020).