The Social “Evolution” Marked by Tiny Living

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Throughout the time of people. There has always been this desire seemingly ‘within‘ everyone to climb that social hightower toward a goal that teaches bigger is better. We scrimp and save working long ours, and fingers to the bone to reach the heralded social mark of great wealth and status. Unfortunately, most could never reach that goal.

However, it could come with some relief that it was possible to utilize that hard work, by investing in a home with 3 – 4 bedrooms and a garage. All it would take is continued hard work to make the down payment. Plus, some more hard work to pay off the mortgage. Perhaps, by the time retirement is reached that mortgage would be all paid for. Rest could finally come. In that, an ideal social standard could be reached. It wouldn’t make Rockefellers out of everyone, but there would be a degree of fineness that could be called home.

Currently, times seem to be a bit more complicated than that. Depending on what state you are looking for a home in. A mere 3-bedroom home could cost anywhere between $91,000 and $646,000 (The Cost to Own a 3 Bedroom Home in Every State). The average cost for monthly rent on a one bedroom apartment is a staggering $1,234.43 per month (Business Insider). Factor in that almost everywhere in the world there is a housing crisis. There are just not enough homes, no matter apartment or house, available to house everyone. This is also combined with the homelessness happening to people due to the pandemic.

There is also another epiphany that has occurred within the hearts and minds of the people. This epiphany is that working long ours and paying the bills is how to express love for the family. It is true. Everyone wants to provide for their families everything that is needed. Everyone wants to make sure their families have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and clothes on their backs. Sadly, when it comes to paying off a mortgage, there is only time to do that. There is no time to spend with family.

For a long time, travel has been almost exclusive to the wealthy. The rest might get to go to Disney Land. Some might afford travel by retirement. Others would never get even that far. Freedom is a word that is often stated in the reason’s why people have bought a tiny house. Especially, the ones on wheels. With a house on wheels, travel becomes more affordable. It is safe to leave out the cost of hotels and accommodations. It is safe to keep your own space and not have to concern cleanliness that comes with sleeping some place else.

It is not necessary to have a house that is on wheels. However, if thinking about living small. There are other alternatives to living in a small home built affordably. Most people choosing to live in a house on wheels are doing so partly because they envision a future that entails either travel or relocationing. Some choose their home to be on wheels because of the availability of them.

Those that are not choosing to have their home on wheels are utilizing other alternative means of building a home. There are those that have their home built out of old shipping containers, and those that are repurposing sheds that they can be purchased from stores like Lowes, or Home Depot. Yes. These can also by fitted to a trailer and put on wheels, but it is not necessary.

Tiny homes do not lack in interior quality. In fact, built on the small scale that they are built. Interiors are easier to afford than would be in a larger home. These homes usually come equipped with all wood flooring, from butcher block to marble counter tops. They even have beautiful tiled bathrooms. The kitchen and bath affords all of the modern appliances that a happy home needs.

Not only are these people thinking about affordability, and providing more time to spend with family. They are doing all of this with environmental consciousness. They are determined to live well and in wellness, with financial freedom from debt. Providing not only themselves with greater wellness, but the ones they love, too. All while leaving behind a smaller footprint for the sake of our environment and all the beauty and wonder it holds. This provides a better future for us all that also gives to us greater affordable living.

We are now leaving the old ways of competition and piety behind. We can now enter the new door that allows us to build our homes inside and outside based on our own personalities and not from the sad desire to keep up with the Jones’.