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From Horse and Carriage to the Tiny Living of Today

Savannah Victorian Historic District, 213 West Bolton Street (House), Savannah, Chatham County, GA It is currently nestled between two houses. A reflection of some Tiny House locations.

When considering Tiny House living, and small space living, the time of a horse and carriage parked outside of a tiny, one room cottage comes to mind. The difference between living today and living yesterday may seem worlds apart. They are not very different in contrast from each other.

There was a time, and times before that the average person or family lived in one room. The only extra would have been perhaps, a loft with hay stuffed mattresses spread across the floor to sleep upon. All daily living would have taken place in the main room or singular room. Dinner was cooked on a wood stove or in a fireplace that served as both heating and cook top.

Everything for daily life in one room.

The working class; as they would have been, lived minimally. Like today, limited space and affordability governed how much space a person or family could occupy. These were the pioneers of utilizing every available space to it’s maximum. The shelving above the windows gives a certain indication of the necessity to be creatively resourceful.

Time is another factor. Much like, today. Yesterday’s modern people had much to get done in one day. They had no aid from a microwave, washing machine, nor pizza delivery. However, today most of people’s time is spent outside of the home. That time spent equals 40 – 60 hours per day, and if not more.

The rigor of laundry probably cost about a days time plus dinner.

There was once that moving up meant getting a larger house, and a maid to help in the home. What may have been considered shabby or meager for a home is left behind for what might have been referred to as, “… a fine cottage!” A bedroom instead of like a studio or loft. Separate areas with open space for cooking, dinning, and laundry would have been that step up.

What may have been a fine cottage.
A cottage this size would have housed a family of 5.

The Tiny House Movement is almost or is a revolution. A mass demand for affordable housing. A demand that says, “If you won’t do it, I’ll do it myself!” The National Low Income Housing Coalition reported, “Nationally, there is a shortage of more than 7 million affordable homes for our nation’s 11 million plus extremely low-income families.” These numbers are astonishing. Now, with COVID-19 causing a near collapse upon our economy. It can be expected for things to get worse before they get better.

There are 65,370 new cases of COVID-19 in the United States since July 15, 2020. According to the CDC there have been 136,938 total deaths in the United States. With those numbers talking to all of us. It could be easy to assume that another quarantine could be on it’s way. Yet, it is understandable why the government, major companies, and small businesses do not want to see that happen.

In a modern Tiny House, a bench is often the replacement for a sofa, and is multi-functional. In these depicted days of old, soft seating was rarely afforded by the working class. Today, cushions are easily afforded, and no sofa saves money, and space.

Before the pandemic of COVID-19, affordable housing was in a crisis, and still is in a crisis. This was published by CNN, “(CNN)If the coronavirus pandemic continues to drive unemployment levels as high as predicted, homelessness will increase 40% to 45% by the end of the year, according to an analysis by a Columbia University economics professor.”

Predictions, stats, and unfortunately situations like above broadens the mind about the deeper message that Tiny House Movers are subtly saying. Ownership is the greatest security! Rent is only as low as the next sudden economical shift. Almost, whatever happens in the economy. You/I will always have a roof over head.

A Tiny House interior usually comes with loft, fully functioning kitchen, a small sitting area, and a bathroom w/shower.

Needless to say, Tiny Houses are not without style. They can be custom built or do it yourself. That is a great allowance for uniqueness and personality that makes a home happy. It is within everyone’s nature for a home to reflect ourselves.

There is also the classification of a Tiny House. Most Tiny Houses are classified an RV, and are built in a manner that can be pulled behind a qualified vehicle. RV parks are usually where they reside. In that situation, there is rental for RV parking.

If your state, county, etc. allows a parking spot on private land for an RV classified Tiny House, there will still be other ordinances to abide by. One consideration for me is that I live in Tornado Alley. RV’s and trailer homes are not recommended in my state, but they do allow them. This includes Tiny Homes. For me a Steel frame, rock siding and rock foundation would be “up my alley” for a Tiny Home. Keep safe!

The Kitchen Table Work Space

It seems that working at home is not just a trend. It is the future happening, now! What makes it seem so trendy is the many people who are new to working at home. There are also a lot of people discovering a stay-at-home side-gig. Having a side-gig supplements extra money into the income derived from a full-time job.

It makes for a busier home life either way. As we all know, a busier home life leads to extra clutter. We don’t want clutter, and extra clutter just adds to the problem of disorganization.

Some people are lucky to already have a designated space in their home that is a home office. Some people are content to work at their kitchen tables. Others are discovering the new duty to assign to a kitchen table. For all of these, there are ways to utilize the kitchen table and still have a clean and lovely family dinner space later.

One thing to deal with when your office is your kitchen table is getting the work out and putting it away. What’s wanted is to be able to have your work readily at hand. This is obtainable buy some simple rearranging. A bookcase or shelf with handy, decorative storage bins can make all of the difference. Adding castors to the bottom gives it portability. Important documents, notes, and supplies can be kept stored away making it easy to retrieve and easy to put away in a well organized manner.

When your kitchen table is your office, portability and storage is important. You’ll need to return your workspace into a home again. Good, organizable storage is a must in making that almost, daily transformation happen. Having it on wheels provides the same efficiency that an office away from home provides. Just roll it in then roll it out.

A suitcase on wheels is another good solution. Utilizing a rolling suitcase for work can still be utilized for travel later. This kills two birds with one stone. If your already storing your suitcase, you can keep your work stored away in your suitcase. Then when you are ready for travel, unpack the work and fill it with your travel needs. Your work will be home when you return.

Utilizing the pockets and storage nooks that may already exist in your suitcase is great for organizing office supplies. A drawer organizer can be added for more organization. They can be utilized to maintain neatness in the storage of other office supplies that may be needed. Things like pens, pencils, staples, paperclips, and etc.

If you don’t want to roll, then carry. As long as it is not too strenuous, carrying your office work to your kitchen table works. You can use a storage bin/bins or a suitcase not on wheels. If either are decoratively pleasing enough, leave them out as a peace of furniture. They can look great stored openly.

Make sure the storage you choose provides you with adequate space for what is being stored. If the space is too small, loss of important documents and destruction/damage of documents can occur. It is also very difficult to find what you need in an efficient manner, if your storage is over crammed.

Working at home requires as much efficiency as an away from home office requires. It helps you keep focused on dates and times that are needed for deadlines and appointments. This is even if all appointments are online. Everyone your working for or with is on a schedule. Don’t loose notes and reminders.

If your planning to relocate your workspace to a home office, that is easier achieved if all the work and tools you use are kept well organized. It will roll or carry to your new office space just as easy as it did to your kitchen table.

What you use, now for storage does not have to be expensive. However, it should be sturdy. don’t use cardboard boxes or anything that is going to fall apart. if you do use cardboard boxes, make sure that you reinforce them. Avoid the problem of carrying your work to the kitchen table and the bottom of the box drops out on you. That would be a big hindrance in your work schedule.

A rolling cart is another convenient way to store office work and supplies. Not only can the supplies and work be stored on these. The bins you store in or books you may be required to have can be stored neatly and efficiently.

Getting something attractive and that can enhance the look of your home will hide away any sign that you work from home. Later, if you choose, you could integrate it into a home office or leave it to store other things.

There can be a lot of freedom when you work from home. One of those freedoms is being able to decide where you want your office, and how you want it to look. It can be open concept, a room of it’s own, or the coziness that can be derived from a kitchen table. It’s all yours! So, enjoy it!

Domestic Robots

UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro

Although, domestic robots have been around since the 1980’s and before. Robots have become a family companion, and especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic. People have explored the internet and other media resources to find an outlet of escape from quarantine. In these explorations, people have inspired upon the idea to experiment within the field of robot companionship.

This companionship isn’t in regards to loneliness nor sadness, but instead to see “what if,” and to find that perhaps there is fun in owning a robot. Almost, like a new family pet. This is not exclusive to just families. It is also explored by single individuals, and people seeking alternatives to having a pet.

Made by UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP, and one of the most popular of it’s type; the Alpha 1 Pro stands 16 inches tall and deemed the title, humanoid robot. It is able to be programmed by 3d programmable software, plus pose, record, and playback (prp) function. Prp is that the Alpha 1 Pro can be put in a posed position. The position is then recorded on an app that plays back the position. It also has pre-programmed moves and positions. The prp feature allows the user to add to the list of motions and poses that already comes in the app.

Although, the Alpha 1 Pro is classified a toy. It is recommended for ages 8 – adult, and also utilized for educational puposes. The manufactures of this robot has this to say about the Alpha 1 Pro, “Alpha 1P is so much more than a piece of motorized plastic… His personality and his life-like human movements make him a member of the family.”

As far as, fun-for-all. There are a wide selection of robots for fun and duty. These duties consist of vacuuming, mopping, serving as a security system, and functioning a smart home. They can play games or read to your children.

This Alpha 1 Pro can be found on Amazon (Alpha 1 Pro link) and other stores. Amazon includes a manufactures video, accessories, and other similar products.

When selecting a robot, it is necessary to consider what the reason is for. Is it going to be for strictly domestic reasons? Reasons like cleaning or mopping a home. Is it for fun, only? If so, what type of fun should the robot provide? How big should the robot be? Does the size matter? Such as, will it’s new home be a small space? Will it be preferred that the robot is kept in storage until needed? What about for smart home and security purposes?

Just like choosing a pet, choosing the right robot is not different. The robot must suit the needs and wants of the owner. Making a careful, well planned selection will result in a positive investment, and not a waste of money on what would seem a useless piece of junk, because the robot did not fit the owner. May the Force be with you!

Is Racism Terrorism?

When starting to write this post, I was looking for the legal definition for the word/term terrorism. What I found shocked me! What I found is best described in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here is what I found.

Definition of terrorism

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search

There is no universal agreement on the definition of terrorism.[1][2] Various legal systems and government agencies use different definitions of terrorism. Moreover, governments have been reluctant to formulate an agreed-upon and legally binding definition. Difficulties arise from the fact that the term has become politically and emotionally charged.[3] Since 1994, the United Nations General Assembly has condemned terrorist acts using the following political description of terrorism:

Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or particular persons for political purposes are in any circumstance unjustifiable, whatever the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other nature that may be invoked to justify them.[4]

In the United States of America, terrorism is defined in Title 22 Chapter 38 U.S. Code § 2656f as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents”.[5]

In general, terrorism is classified[by whom?] as:

The following criteria of violence or threat of violence usually fall outside of the definition of terrorism:[6][7]

The simpler Google definition states.

ter·ror·ism/ˈterəˌrizəm/Learn to pronounce nounnoun: terrorism

  1. the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”the fight against terrorism”

The amount of trading we do with Africa, a dominantly black nation, and namely South Africa is stated by the Office of the United States Trade Representative to be;

“U.S. goods and services trade with South Africa totaled an estimated $18.9 billion in 2018. Exports were $8.4 billion; imports were $10.5 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with South Africa was $2.1 billion in 2018.

South Africa is currently our 38th largest goods trading partner with $14.0 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2018. Goods exports totaled $5.5 billion; goods imports totaled $8.5 billion.” (About)

According to trading with South Africa has included both import and export. Our nation and all nations rely on international trading in order to sustain income to our nation. As it is the same for all nations to sustain by the manner of importing and exporting. It is every nations main income. We as Americans would like for those countries that we are fortunate enough to trade with to feel safe and comfortable within our borders. states, “South Africa imported $7.7 billion in agricultural and food products in FY2018, which is at the same level as in FY2017. The major products imported were rice ($437 million), wheat ($395 million), chicken cuts and offal ($389 million), palm oil ($305 million), corn ($208 million), whiskies ($181 million) and soybean meal ($173 million). 
In FY2018, the United States exported $371 million of agricultural, fish and forestry products to South Africa, down marginally from the previous fiscal year.  Major products exported by the United States to South Africa included, poultry meat, planting seeds, feed and fodder, distilled spirits and tree nuts. Other major products imported by South Africa from the United States included wheat, dairy products and sorghum.” 

There are yearly meetings that one government has with the other to discuss such trading. It is very helpful to our nation and nation’s leaders to be able to host some of those meetings within our borders. It keeps our namesake healthy among other nations that have visited our country, having witnessed well treatment to our people, and have been also, treated well.

It is shameful for our nation to be a public announcement to other nations that we are racially hateful towards them. This is demonstrated by how hatefully someone Black was treated, how someone Hispanic was treated, how someone Irish was treated, etc., and that they were our own.

Although, racism with violence cannot be classified as terrorism. There is no way that a hate group or person is able to build an army to retaliate against ones own nation, again! There is no more North vs. South. There is the hater and/or some little group with the hater, only! They might form a gang, but they do not form an army.

Besides that, there are other nations that would be willing to retaliate any army formed out from hate. Just as they always do. Other nations rescue people abused by their own nation. So, if there are people who want to form an army, start another civil war, take over America, commit genocide upon another race, then defend that at war with a foreign nation are truly ignorant. They do not know that this is the banner that they are waving. It is a worthless cause. It should never be treated as if intelligent.

What is intelligent is that our nation’s people are standing together against racial ignorance and injustice. They are brother with brother, and sister with sister. They stand together saluting the cause of under God and human unity. They are the dominant of this nation and beacons unto the world. God Bless!

The Portable Investment

In these days of the Coronavirus, and increased violence due to racial injustice, we are all having to make adjustments in our day to day living. Some of these adjustments are minor. Some these adjustments are major. The last thing we need added to these adjustment is more inconvenience.

One inconvenience already existed for some. Now, the inconveniences may have increased for a few who live in the circumstance of not having a washer and dryer. Although, rare some laundry-mates still accept coins. Unfortunately, those depending on this type of laundry-mate are having to look harder for coins, do less laundry, or seek a laundry-mate that will accept debit cards.

From there the inconvenience may extend into the overcrowding of a laundry-mate that is equipped to accept debit cards. Yet, still not forgetting that having to spend any extended amount of time in a crowd increases the chances for contracting COVID-19. Especially, when the crowd is hauling baskets of dirty laundry around.

It is understood that having to go to the laundry-mate during COVID-19 can be daunting. As if it was not, before COVID-19. Yet, having clean laundry is just as important as the increased need to practice good hygiene and to wash our hands more regularly. All of the extra efforts are toward prevention. Going to the laundry-mate, on the other hand, can seem damned if we do or damned if we don’t.

Money is tight for a lot of people. Unemployment is skyrocketed. Anyone that has had the Cornavirus, has had to be hospitalized, and without health insurance has current medical expenses. Not to mention, other added expenses to just daily living. This brings to question; is going to the laundry-mate more cost effective than owning a washer and dryer? Especially, if it poses a greater risk for contracting COVID-19?

The washer/dryer alternatives may cost less over a year’s time than going to the laundry-mate. These alternatives are portable. They could either resolve the problem of having to go to the laundry-mate, at all; or reduce the frequency of going, and the amount of laundry that must go to the laundry-mate. This depends upon the capacity of the washer and dryer. Portable washers and dryers cost at least 50% – 75% less than traditional washers and dryers.

For example, when I bought my portable washer and dryer I paid a total of about $415.00 for both. My washer (made by Haier) at the time was on sale for about $165.00. My dryer (made by Magic Chef) was about $250.00. This was approximately 2 years ago. I have never been happier with an investment since my car! When the Coronavirus hit, I was even happier with my investment! I could obey the stay at home order and not concern going to the laundry-mate.

My washer and dryer.

I only wash for one. I opted for the 1.5 cubic capacity washer, and the 1 cubic capacity dryer. I would have selected a larger dryer, but I live in a small space. So, the dryer needed to be smaller in order to hide it.

There are other brands in portable washers and dryers. One is made by Samsung (washer). Other types and brands are coming out with their versions. The prices vary from high to low, but they are all about 50% – 75% less costly than a traditional washer and dryer.

Here is the gist. I spent an average of $35.00 per week on laundry. Multiply $35.00 X 4 weeks in a month average. That is a total of $140.00 per month on laundry. That does not include laundry soap, dryer sheets, etc. If you subtract the cost of going to the laundry-mate from the cost of my portable washer, the result is $25.00. So, in about a little over a week of using my washer, the washer paid for itself. You must also factor in increased water expenses. Where I live, I have free water. I am lucky.

A Quick Review

  • The washer (made by haier) is different, but great. On a scale from 1 – 10. I give it a 10! It has a flat beater that rises and falls from the bottom. You can order castors and a tray to roll it around. There is also a stand to place it under, and the dryer on top. It has multiple cycles. Including, a gentle cycle. It has multiple load sizes; small, medium, large, and extra large. It beeps when laundry is finished washing. It’s rinse cycle is spin and rinse. Except, for the gentle cycle which fills with water and rinses. It works excellently!
  • The dryer (made by Magic Chef) is about a 4 on the scale. I think it’s because it is so small, and extra precaution was taken toward fire prevention in the making of this product. To this degree, I am 5’4″ tall and I weight about 140 lbs. My jeans are small. It takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes to dry one pair of jeans. Two large towels take about the same amount of time. All in all, It takes about 3 hours to dry an extra-large load from the washer. That doesn’t bother me, because I am at home and doing other things. For that reason that the dryer is small and slow, I wash daily. Compared to other dryers, there are some that seem a little hotter (by reading product descriptions and review) in temperature than mine, but I’m good. I can’t complain. I really am happy and will not buy a different one at this time, and there has been no great increase in my electric bill. It is hard to notice any increase.

I am absolutely happy with having a washer and dryer in my rental. As far as the dryer is concerned, I could hang my jeans and towels up to dry and be just fine. Since it makes no great impact on my electric, I just let them dry in the dryer. The wrinkles are not near as removed as would be a bigger dryer, but they are reduced. I hope this helps you consider an investment in a portable washer and dryer, if needed!

The Camping “Staycation!”

You’ve probably heard in the news that camping has become the alternative family getaway. Due to the Coranavirus (of course), restricted vacationing as part of safety requirements are pushing people into a new direction to getaway.

In normal times of good health and prosperity, the family vacation, according to financial experts, cost about 5-10% of a households income. For example, if you make $40,000 per year then your vacation expenditure would cost from $2,000 – $4,000.

So, how much are you willing to spend on camping? Given the average cost for a family vacation, it might be affordable to go camping in style. Perhaps an expensive tent or maybe an RV. Not to mention, RV sales have seen approximately 40 – 60% increase in sales and rentals. Wow!

There are expensive ways to camp and there are less expensive ways to camp. The duration of time you spend camping should be a determinant as to cost and/or vice-versa. It is advised that any long length of time spent camping should be as comfortable as possible. The factors to consider are accessibility to food, drinking water, shower/hygiene, bathroom and weather conditions such as, how hot and how cold. Understanding that it is summer, some may option to camp their staycation in the fall.

Other factors to include are pets and wildlife. Although, camping is deemed one of the safest ways to vacation having a heads up on surrounding wildlife can benefit safety for you, children, and pets. Be sure to research the wildlife and nature of your perspective campsite. Nature includes poisonous plants that children and pets should not consume. This includes plants that cause skin irritation like Poison Oak and Poison Ivy.

It is impossible to list all of the things needed for a safe and fun camping trip. This is due to that everyone is unique. Why take a fishing pole if you don’t fish? You should research your gear according to your accommodations as well as your planned activities. Yes, plan all activity to insure safety. All equipment should be safe.

Whether you buy/rent an RV or utilize tents, one of the most important things to remember is a first aid kit. Make sure you have first aid and a first aid list. Bring enough first aid for your entire trip. This link from Patient + Urgent Care Clinic might be helpful in making a first aid list.

As far as all other things to bring on a camping trip, it does depend a lot on what activities you are going to take part in during your stay in the beautiful wild. Yet, there are a few other things that might be considered. This link from Love The Outdoors provides lots of guidance on what to bring. They even mentioned feminine products. I’m female and I didn’t think of that one (LOL).

One more important thing to remember is travel has been restricted in some areas. AAA (Triple A) has published on it’s website a travel restriction map. This map will tell you where travel is restricted. Using this will guide your direction when hunting for a camping spot. AAA travel restriction map.

All-in-all, have a safe, and happy staycation!

Preparing for the Winter of COVID-19

This has been a time of history for all of us. What we now have are the tools to learn from this new, pandemic, historical experience. Such is one of the purposes of history. We want this to be over. We want to get back to work and continue our lives where it has left off. That is how the summer is looking.

Yet, the summer may not be the same as what could come in the winter. The scientist and government authorities are already seriously contemplating the thought that the winter will bring about a second wave of COVID-19. That wave will also, have to strongly regard the flu, and that people still die from it.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Currently, flu cases are low. Yet, on May 2, 2020 the CDC also reported that pediatric flu deaths are at 174 for the season. That is just May 2, 2020. However, the CDC report states that the flu is lower than the usual national average.

Evidently, the flu, alone is such a problem that the CDC has weekly predictions forecasting the rate of the flu and reports it’s reach by a system called Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report (FluView). Assuming that a lot of people’s immune systems are already low due to having had COVID-19, hospitalized, and/or treated for the virus. We could be facing an extra contagious winter than ever before.

We must be prepared. We must take proper, organized measurements to do our part for the winter.

What was one of the first things we learned during the onset of the quarantine? We learned that panic buying happens. How do we prevent panic buying? We do so systematically. We don’t rush to wipe-out store shelves for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and face-masks. We purchase gradually during the summer months. So, instead of your usual supply amount. You purchase a little extra. For instance; if you buy a pack of nine rolls of toilet paper per week, buy two packs of nine or a twenty-four pack. Take your usual weekly supply out, use the usual amount, but save the rest. Do this with any and all supplies you may fear running out of.

During the summer, don’t get spend-happy. It is still a good time to reduce extra spending. I know a lot of us have lost our jobs and have fallen behind on necessary expenses. Being a little more conservative with money might be money well spent when the winter comes. Being low on cash is still better than without. Save some money!

Food prices are already going up! There were a lot of total shutdowns in the food industry. We may feel like we can’t afford to prepare. Just remember. A little goes a long ways. When you are grocery shopping and your grocery bill is looking too high, already. Try to buy just one more pack of hamburger meat or something. keep it as a stash. You do not have to do it all at once. One extra pack of this, and one extra pack of that next time could take you far in the possible future.

Be health conscious, now! It’s summer. A great time to lose weight and exercise. Do that. Yes! By all means. Just don’t overdo it. To much brings about lowered immunity. Do not lower your immunity. Keep it pumped up, but don’t overdo anything. Eat well. Good nutrition also, pumps immunity. Keep good nutrition.

Keep hydrated. It will be summer, as well. Maintain absolutely, no dehydration! That will severely lower your immunity. Drink lots of healthy fluids. That does not mean self-deny all summer, but maintain water and nutrition for your drinks.

Do not overdo vitamins. You can overdose vitamins. This also, means multiple types. Taking too many types at one time is as bad as taking too much of one. Talk to your doctor about vitamins and how much you really need to take.

No one has said for certain what the winter will bring. What has been said is that a second wave is possible. It may be difficult to interrupt life and plans when the world is starting to open up, again. Yet, the possibility of a winter that may resemble our spring is very prevalent. The possibility cannot be ignored. It is best to prepare for the “just in case”. If we are more organized and greater prepared, the possible next time may be easier.

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When Houseplants Cause Bad Air

It has been taught, for years, that houseplants are very beneficial, to the air that we breath within our homes. We’ve been taught that plants purify air. Well, plants do benefit air quality and even, dramatically. The question is, ‘Do houseplants purify the air?’

Let’s clarify something, first. I am a firm believer in the health benefits of houseplants to the air. However, what seems to be a scientific discovery, may not be a scientific discovery at all. That study also, called a review states that houseplants do not clean nor purify the air as much as, air purifying machines. With that said, do not loose your old-fashioned faith in houseplants.

As far as, the purification of air by houseplants. They are right. That is a no. Yet, the improvement in air quality is undeniable. ‘Did we really think that plants made our air pure?’ I don’t think so. We did think it would make our home air quality better. We also, understood the scientific facts that state just how houseplants improve air quality.

These are the facts. Plant leaves and their roots pull volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon dioxide out of the air. After which, they release clean oxygen. Obviously, this means they remove ‘bad-for-you‘ air and release ‘good-for-you’ air. Thus, improving the ratio of good air over bad air in your home or office. As wonderful as that is, plants also, have the potential to release bad air. What?!?

A root bound plant. A.K.A. a plant that has outgrown its container.
This causes lack of soil and extreme water depletion.
Thus, dust!

It seems, to a lot of plant lovers, that once the plant is in the pot; it doesn’t need re-potted until, the roots have outgrown it’s container. In a lot of cases, the soil has become stale and is more dust than soil. This occurs, when a very small plant is potted in a very large pot. If you’ve noticed extra dust in your home, your plants might need re-potted to refresh the soil. A correctly fit pot helps prevent soil from flying. Re-potting will make the soil viable, again. It will allow the plant to receive better nutrition, retain soil and moisture, and breathe better.

Plant mold is not only deadly to the plant, but also, becomes the air you breathe. Plant mold is just like any other household mold. It occurs when plants are frequently over-watered or maintained in dank conditions with insufficient airflow (sweating). It is also, contagious from plant to plant.

Plants that have mold. Plant mold can be white or black.

Checking plants, from time to time, for diseases like black mold and white mold should be a regular routine that can be conducted during watering. Checking for such diseases should be conducted about every 3 months.

There are many diseases a plant can have. Most of them can be a negative effect on air quality. A lot of these diseases are bugs, such as, dust mites. Dust mites occur, when the leaves of the plant are left dusty for a long period of time. Spider mites will also, occur. These two diseases are often found together. They are able to cause plant death and can cause illness to humans.

Spider mites can also, be red in color. Some experts believe that a dust mite is a very young spider mite.

When a plant is dusty, removal of the dust is simple yet, delicate. By using a soft cotton cloth, gently wipe the leaves clean with a plant leaf cleaner. Some are spray-and-leave. Some require wiping. A simple home made solution of water and lemon dish soap, such as, Joy will remove dust and mites from leaves. However, if the leaves of any plant has bugs, the soil has bugs, too. Always, re-pot after any discovery of bugs and discard the soil in an outside trash reciprocal.

Mold can be removed from plant leaves in the same manner. It will work, if only, a few leaves and a few spots are found. All the same, discard the old soil in an outside trash reciprocal.

Select correctly fit pot, plant or replant, relish the results!

Plants are healthy. The work it takes to keep them that way is also, healthy. It is therapeutic and rewarding. The gifts that can come from taking care of plants are boundless. Do not be afraid to embrace plants and their bountiful, clean benefits!

Was that a…Ghost?!?

Featured Post

When Time Takes a Photogragh.

Once I was shown a photo of a beautiful gown featured in a display at a museum. The gown was worn by someone in the early 1800’s. The photograph was taken with a cellphone. I viewed it on that cellphone. No big deal. Right?

There was no person in the gown. There was no mannequin representing a person in the gown. It was displayed on a dress form so that the gown could be fully viewed.

Other people where viewing that photo with me. There was about 5 of us, in total. Somehow, and even upon the very instance of viewing, the gown became alive.

The gown did not move. It seemed like it could move. Strongly! The stark time difference stood out. Profoundly! The time of the gown was all around it. The gown could be felt.

Everyone viewing that photograph felt the same. The person showing the photo experienced those feelings at the museum and after, taking the photograph. It was a beautiful profound moment. No matter how many times we viewed that photo, the same feelings occurred.

I have experienced similar in the past. Old things do that. Yet, never had I experienced feelings like that so strongly, and deeply. It was a profound moment for all of us. So profound, that it affected all of my past experiences. I now, view past feelings differently. As for the future, it will be different.

As far as the question; “Was the picture haunted?” I would say, yes and no. How can a picture be both haunted and not haunted? In my last post, I somewhat described the Universe as expanding and contracting. Scientists also, say that the Universe is growing. It’s growing process includes the expanding and contracting. The Universe will expand and contract over and over again. Until, it pauses. Sometimes, when it pauses, it pauses larger than the size it was before it expanded and contracted. This is predicted to be it’s behavior forever!

It has come to light, in my mind, that the Universe does not grow without understanding all that it is, and all that it holds. Every living thing has to be considered. Every plant and every animal contributes to the shape, of not just our world, but of the Universe as a whole.

To do this accurately, the universe must also, remember all that ever was. It can take from our then and our now, combine it with everything else, Universe. By this data, the Universe forms it’s shape and pin-points it’s direction. The future and all of it’s probabilities is within it’s foresight. Yes, the Universe must plan a future and move in the direction that is best for itself!

We too, must remember in order to pin-point our direction. We must remember love and loss. We must remember past civilizations and the perils that led to there end. This is to determine the shape we are currently in. Then we can move forward and reshape the future.

The Universe participates our remembering. What was no longer there, seems to appear. Images held-fast to remind us of a person or a time. These images are regarded by some scientist as photographs taken by time. That time itself takes photographs we see as ghosts. We must also, be reminded that there is a such thing as … moving pictures!

By our thoughts, words, and actions in regard, to these feelings and photographs. We convey information to the Universe about the direction we are planning and/or the shape we are in. The probabilities of our future are foreseen.

Furthermore; if we are a threat to our Universe and thus, ourselves, will the Universe retaliate with earthquakes, hurricanes, pestilence, and disease? As we fight to live, does also, our Universe? disclaimer: Remember. Tips are the same as suggestions. Any suggestion used from this site is to your own discretion. Also, any search engine or web host is not responsible for suggestions nor content within this website.

The Dust in My Vacuum is the Dust in My Home!

It’s obvious. We all have different households. Our homes are a reflection, of our unique characteristics. No matter how similar we may seem, we are entirely different. Such is the same, when it comes to the dust sitting in our vacuums. They are very much the same, but what I have more of, you may have less, and vise-versa. Take the Universe, for example. The dust in one sector of universe is totally unique to another.

Although, the basic ingredients of each other’s household dirt may not be any surprise. Our circumstances that surround this vast galaxy, of contaminating, pollutant particles, voyage us into unknown danger. This danger can be set off by what we do (clean) or don’t do (not clean).

According to the Mayo Clinic, and other scientific research studies; the contents of a vacuum contains at least 5,000,000 – 6,000,000 bacteria and more (which may now, include COVID-19). That count varies from household to household. Also, dominated by household circumstances. These circumstances vary between being a pet owner, occupation, number of people living within the household, and etc. Thus, the multiverse that is the compilation of our individual households.

Like the Universe, in which we live, our galaxy expands and contracts. When we have not cleaned, yet, our galaxy of dust expands and shifts. We walk, we stir dust that is unseen. We sit, we stir dust and that is also, unseen. Throughout all of our activities, within our homes, we are constantly stirring dust. Furthermore; we are dragging it in through our entrances and from room to room. This is the expanding and the shifting that happens to that microbial galaxy. Add pet dander and natural, human flaking that is also, happening.

In order to contract this vast galaxy of strepococci, staphylocci, sarciane. Just to name 3, out of possibly or likely more than 6,000,000 germs and viruses. We could either get sick (contract) or we could reduce it by cleaning (also, contract; i.e. make smaller).

The most effective way to ‘contract‘ (make smaller) our overly expanded galaxy, of filthy debris is advised to us, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or , the CDC. The CDC has published a guideline, for people who live with someone infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), might be infected with the Coronavirus, or is infected themselves. Keep in mind that I did search high and low for guidelines for regular household cleaning, not related to the Coronavirus. As far as, our governments advice, the only guidelines available (without going to the library) are in relationship to the Coronavirus.

With that having been said, these guidelines are quite helpful. Due to the Coronavirus and each of our chances, for contracting (catching, getting the virus, etc.) this disease; these guidelines should be followed. You can find these guidelines by this link; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). disclaimer: Remember. Tips are the same as suggestions. Any suggestion used from this site is to your own discretion. Also, any search engine or web host is not responsible for suggestions nor content within this website.