Top Hat Tips is about helpful tips on a variety of subjects.  Everyone has a favorite genre to view and read. Yet, daily life provides a variety of reasons for needing a good tip, on a variety of subjects.  A good example would be; “What camping gear should I buy?” or “How do I make a latte without a machine?”  Top Hat Tips works to provide the answers to these types of questions and many more. 

Another objective is to entertain people through the written word.  Fiction is available for people who would want to read public domain works, and some originals authored by Top Hat Tips. However, tips can be interesting and fun to read. They are also, what people like to “share” on social media, and are excellent conversation starters.

Top Hat Tips does not promise that every tip will work for every individual.  Every reader is reminded that tips are not any different than suggestions.  By no means, does any reader have to utilize anyone’s suggestions; nor purchase any products that may be suggested.


tophat.tips disclaimer: Tips are the same as suggestions. Any suggestion used from this site is to your own discretion. Also, any search engine or web host is not responsible for suggestions nor content within this website.

Top Hat Tips!

Find a good read at tophat.tips!

Find safety in times of danger and fear.

See home style in clothing storage.

Enhance your eyes and your mood with warm lighting.

Find relaxation when times seem lonely!

Why You’ll Love tophat.tips

Because you know variety is the spice of life and you love a great tip. Great tips bring great variety.

  • Safety
  • Home Style
  • Gadgets
  • Home Remedies
  • Plain Fun




Where the top hat tips for you!

Find Top Hat Tips.

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