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Where the top hat tips for you!

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Find Top Hat Tips.

  • Inspiring Keep Safe Halloween Costumes During COVID-19
    Halloween is approaching. No one wants to miss out on the celebration of fun, candy, and darkness this year. However, Halloween is not banned. It is thankfully, provided by the CDC guidelines that will help keep you, and your loved […]
  • CDC Predicts 20,000 New Deaths By Election Day Due to COVID-19!
    ABC World News Tonight reported that the CDC has predicted up to 20,000 new COVID deaths might occur before election day. This is greatly due to the cooler weather conditions of fall and especially, the cold of winter. 213,390 deaths […]
  • OCTOBER! A Month of More Fun Than Just Halloween!
    Right now, the weather is an inviting invitation to outdoor activity. Well, it is for most of us. While we bask in the warming glow of the autumn sun, let us remember those whom are suffering from disastrous hurricanes and […]

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