Privacy Policy

Top Hat Tips respects our readers. The only personal information collected from you is your email address. Your email address is not automatically collected. Your email address is only acquirable if you submit/sign up to receive new posts from Top Hat Tips.

Top Hat Tips is free to read. Your payment information, address, social security number or any other form of private, personal information will never be acquirable by Top Hat Tips.

Top Hat Tips utilizes third party websites for your access. These accessible websites are social media websites and include Facebook, Linkedin, Press This, Pinterest, Tumbir, Pocket, and Twitter. Top Hat Tips provides access for all readers/users of Top Hat Tips to these social media sites.

Top Hat Tips has no say or action regarding privacy and privacy policies with these websites. Top Hat Tips is a separate entity from all social media websites and their own select privacy policies. Once you leave Top Hat Tips site or contact any and all social media sites from Top Hat Tips, you are then under those social media sites individual privacy policies.

Top Hat Tips allows advertisers to advertise their products or services on Top Hat Tips’ website via usually, “cookies.” Top Hat Tips is not responsible, if you select to utilize these other sites and services. Please, read their privacy policies for your own safety as should be when using all internet websites. These third party websites are all separate entities from Top Hat Tips, as well. The information you choose to share with those websites are between you and those separate entity websites. Top Hat Tips is not responsible.

Information regarding your IP and IP address and all related information to internet capable electronic devices are collected for analyses. The information collected does not include personal information. Such as, any and all information regarding your identity and personal address, work address, or phone number. Only demographic information that would be collected, for example from Google Analytics.

If you select to sign up to receive regular notifications from Top Hat Tips to inform you of new posts. You may opt out by selecting “opt out,” or reply by email to with the word “STOP.”

Top Hat Tips never shares, sell, or rent out any private information of yours to anyone, and that includes your email address for any reason.

Top Hat Tips reserves the right to update this privacy policy and all policies of Top Hat Tips’ at any time.