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CDC Predicts 20,000 New Deaths By Election Day Due to COVID-19!

ABC World News Tonight reported that the CDC has predicted up to 20,000 new COVID deaths might occur before election day. This is greatly due to the cooler weather conditions of fall and especially, the cold of winter.

213,390 deaths have already occurred to date. On Thursday, October 8, 2020 over 56,000 new cases were reported. This number is a major increase at a 2 month high. Eleven states have reached record high hospitalizations this week. The news report also suggested that COVID-19 is spreading from not only stranger to stranger, but friend to friend, and within households living under one roof.

One of the major concerns from the CDC are people overweight, or obese. They are at a much higher risk for contracting the Coronavirus. According to the ABC News, more than 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese. That means that not only the colder weather as a fearful risk factor, but the count of 70% of the people in general are at a higher risk. This increases the possibility of spread, and coincides with the CDC predictions of a second wave.

According to the Washington Post on April 24, 2020, “The laboratory results show that increases in temperature, humidity and sunlight all can speed up how fast the virus is destroyed, based on measurements of its half-life when exposed to these elements.” This also plays into effect of seasonal illnesses already existing such as, influenza a.k.a. the flu. Keep in mind that not only has the flu become stronger over the years, it will now have the opportunity to meet the Coronavirus in these colder seasons.

That is why the CDC has expanded their report of the risk factors contributing to the spread of COVID-19. You can review these risk factors and other reports on the CDC website at Center For Disease Control Prevention.

Now, that the colder weather is approaching. Now, that other illnesses of yearly happening are starting to reemerge. It is high time to start playing it safe, and wave goodbye to the fun and thrills of summer. Playing it safe means wearing our facemasks, maintaining right social distance, and washing our hands frequently. It is time to slow down, and plan a winter that is best spent at home.

Let me emphasize on the fact that people are carriers. This isn’t just exclusive to strangers, but family members, friends, coworkers, and even the innocent children. This is also the spread. This is why we wear the masks. The carriers that we all can potentially be.

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Living on the Hustle During COVID-19

We, in the state of Oklahoma are not on lock-down. We had our time, like everyone else. Yet, we strive and fight each day to keep Oklahoma functioning. We do this to keep our states economy afloat. We are not unlike any other place.

Particularly, however, there is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also known as T-town. T-town is my only direct observance of the pandemic. Of course, it is because I live in Tulsa, T-town. I watch the news, including local news. I watch with the same observance as I do regarding everything around me.

It is important to observe and keep aware of your surroundings, in my opinion. Especially, during COVID-19. There is the need to be aware of when to move and which direction to move in. It helps to pay attention. It helps us to keep that safe distance. It helps us pick and choose association, and whether or not to allow any association.

In all of this observance, I began to notice people in particular. I began to understand who they might be. What that means is there are people who work, and there are people that do not work. That does not sum it up, of course. Basically, these are the two broad types.

Within one of these two broad types of people, the nonworking. Due to mental illness or some other disability these particular people are a portion of the nonworking. The hustlers. It is true. A lot of people have a hustle. You might say my blogging is my hustle. Yet, honest tax paying hustling is not what I am talking about.

It is known that the average person that receive disability payments for mental illness receive about $800.00 per month. The National Alliance on Mental Health stated on their website that, “In 2015, the federal payment was $733/month for an individual and $1,100/month for a couple.” With that they might receive food stamps. These are the unfortunate hustlers that I am talking about.

Understand, this is just my observance. I can’t say this is everywhere, but I do assume it is. Just know that this is just my observance. To me, this is a great hindrance in our fight to decrease the spread of the Coronavirus. So, I will describe what I see.

As an apartment renter, I see the dumpsters being dug into. There is trash being rummaged for any knick-knack or token that can be salvaged and resold. It is not known who threw away what or whether or not they are sick with anything contagious. It is just understood that it is trash and it is dirty. Especially, during the Coronavirus.

I see this trash being taken into other apartments. Often, these other apartments are not where the individual or individuals live. They have decided to knock on a door and someone blindly lets them in. Usually, they are allowed entry without a mask.

I see junk trading from one individual to another. Assuming trading or selling what was formerly trash from some place or another. Later, that same trash might be seen at someone else’s apartment on the ground or a patio.

I see direct contact. One person (who dug into the trash) touching another person, and even coming in contact with children. This is eye witnessed often. I would say, about 5 times per week. I observe this. I am just one person. I am watering plants on my patio, or giving them a good pruning. I am going to my mailbox, or to my car to go take care of essential business.

I see piles of people climbing into automobiles. Not any of these people are wearing a face mask. It is still summer. The windows are rolled up. They are driving off into a hot summer sunset with heat indices of 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Albeit air conditioning. They are still virtually piled in a car breathing the same air, and without face masks. Not that a face mask would help in such closed conditions.

Yes! These are the hustler people. Every day this is their activity.

I live in a 600 square feet apartment. There are none here that are much bigger. I see 5 to ten people entering such a tiny space, and with no face mask. They spend the day coming and going. The leave out being one or two. They return being three or four.

I see an elderly man, but an able bodied elderly man. I see him going from apartment door to apartment door. He knocks to bum cigarettes. He knocks on the doors of the hustlers. He does not where a face mask, and he often smells of urine. He comes in direct contact with others all day. He likes to sit on his patio smoking and drinking with his hands in his lap. When I see his hands in his lap, I think his hands are in urine.

When he knocks on my door, I do not answer. It would be a great risk to answer the door. He is the very realization that I should never answer my door for anyone without a face mask.

On a good note, these people are being removed. They have been evicted on the grounds of widespread property damage. That is no lie. That does not cancel the fact that they are very unsafe people to have to live around, and especially, during a pandemic.

The most important thing that I did observe is that they are disabled. They are “working” as best as they can to supplement a very low income. I believe they feel like there is nothing else they can do, but dig in trash dumpsters and barter from person to person for a little extra than about $800.00 per month. I believe that it is even possible that they would not partake in such activity, if they had more money to live off of. After all, the elderly guy doesn’t knock if he has a pack of cigarettes!

Preparing for the Winter of COVID-19

This has been a time of history for all of us. What we now have are the tools to learn from this new, pandemic, historical experience. Such is one of the purposes of history. We want this to be over. We want to get back to work and continue our lives where it has left off. That is how the summer is looking.

Yet, the summer may not be the same as what could come in the winter. The scientist and government authorities are already seriously contemplating the thought that the winter will bring about a second wave of COVID-19. That wave will also, have to strongly regard the flu, and that people still die from it.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Currently, flu cases are low. Yet, on May 2, 2020 the CDC also reported that pediatric flu deaths are at 174 for the season. That is just May 2, 2020. However, the CDC report states that the flu is lower than the usual national average.

Evidently, the flu, alone is such a problem that the CDC has weekly predictions forecasting the rate of the flu and reports it’s reach by a system called Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report (FluView). Assuming that a lot of people’s immune systems are already low due to having had COVID-19, hospitalized, and/or treated for the virus. We could be facing an extra contagious winter than ever before.

We must be prepared. We must take proper, organized measurements to do our part for the winter.

What was one of the first things we learned during the onset of the quarantine? We learned that panic buying happens. How do we prevent panic buying? We do so systematically. We don’t rush to wipe-out store shelves for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and face-masks. We purchase gradually during the summer months. So, instead of your usual supply amount. You purchase a little extra. For instance; if you buy a pack of nine rolls of toilet paper per week, buy two packs of nine or a twenty-four pack. Take your usual weekly supply out, use the usual amount, but save the rest. Do this with any and all supplies you may fear running out of.

During the summer, don’t get spend-happy. It is still a good time to reduce extra spending. I know a lot of us have lost our jobs and have fallen behind on necessary expenses. Being a little more conservative with money might be money well spent when the winter comes. Being low on cash is still better than without. Save some money!

Food prices are already going up! There were a lot of total shutdowns in the food industry. We may feel like we can’t afford to prepare. Just remember. A little goes a long ways. When you are grocery shopping and your grocery bill is looking too high, already. Try to buy just one more pack of hamburger meat or something. keep it as a stash. You do not have to do it all at once. One extra pack of this, and one extra pack of that next time could take you far in the possible future.

Be health conscious, now! It’s summer. A great time to lose weight and exercise. Do that. Yes! By all means. Just don’t overdo it. To much brings about lowered immunity. Do not lower your immunity. Keep it pumped up, but don’t overdo anything. Eat well. Good nutrition also, pumps immunity. Keep good nutrition.

Keep hydrated. It will be summer, as well. Maintain absolutely, no dehydration! That will severely lower your immunity. Drink lots of healthy fluids. That does not mean self-deny all summer, but maintain water and nutrition for your drinks.

Do not overdo vitamins. You can overdose vitamins. This also, means multiple types. Taking too many types at one time is as bad as taking too much of one. Talk to your doctor about vitamins and how much you really need to take.

No one has said for certain what the winter will bring. What has been said is that a second wave is possible. It may be difficult to interrupt life and plans when the world is starting to open up, again. Yet, the possibility of a winter that may resemble our spring is very prevalent. The possibility cannot be ignored. It is best to prepare for the “just in case”. If we are more organized and greater prepared, the possible next time may be easier.

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The History of Pandemics and the Paralleled Way They Where Fought


Beginning with early history (about 541 CE), an ominous pandemic struck the earth. It began it’s stretch in Egypt; thriving on the backs of black rats that fed upon grain intended for the celebration of the Emperor Justinian. Fleas they were! Fleas traveling from rat to rat and from person to person; infecting all they came in contact with.

From Egypt these fleas and rats traveled with the grain aboard ships into Constantinople. From there the disease called Yersenia Pestis. Also know as The Plague reached pandemic proportions. The plague killed from 30 to 50 million people around the globe.

How to stop The Plague was unknown. All that could be understood was to stay away from other people, in order to avoid catching the plague. That’s right. Social distancing!

The Plague seemingly vanished. Yet, the coast was not clear. The Plague returned in Europe in 1347. This time it was called The Black Plague. As before, The Black Plague traveled aboard ships around the world. It claimed the lives of 200 million people.

Having no solution, the authorities decided to detain all arriving sailors aboard their ships for 30 days. Yes! You’ve got it! Quarantined! So, now, we have social distancing and quarantining happening in as early as, 541 CE and 1347.

Every 20 years, this same disease would resurface and claim the lives, of least, 20 percent of the European population. This continued on, into 1665. The last plague killed about 100,000 London citizens.

This crucial and devastating time warranted people to retain the sick within their homes with red crosses painted on their doors. All social gatherings, banned. Does it sound familiar? With that alone, the last Black Plague ended.

There has also been, in far, yet, more recent history types of plagues that may not have originate by normal, natural direct human contact. However, their journey from person to person was much the same. Small Pox, Cholera, to name two. Let’s not forget Influenza and Pneumonia. Influenza and Pneumonia are easier to avoid now-a-days, but every year they take lives.

The parallel is:

  • Keep social distancing. Maintain no closer than 6 ft. from another person.
  • Cough in your sleeve or a napkin.
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Avoid touching your face.

Learn from history! We are here today, because our ancestors practiced these things.

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Disinfecting Herbs That Promote Cleaner Air


Image by gate74 from Pixabay Rosemary, lavender and thyme.

In these times, of infectious disease that reek havoc upon our earth. We are cautiously, diligently and aggressively disinfecting our surroundings. Not only are we doing it more often in our homes, but in our workplaces, as well. There is virtually, nowhere that isn’t disinfecting harder and more consistently.

With all of our hard work and diligence toward disinfecting, there is one place that may have been overlooked. That place could further enhance our disinfecting efforts and it has been sitting under our noses, all of this time. That place is the air.

Natural ingredients can be added to a steaming, hot pot of water on a stove. It could also, be added to an electric hot diffuser. This releases into your air and thus, your air has those properties, too. There are many ways to use them. However, the most effective way, for air quality control, is via;

  1. electric diffuser
  2. tealight candle diffuser
  3. a hot pot on the stove.

Choices 1 and 2 are at the top of the list, because they will release aromas for longer periods of time. Furthermore; there would be no need to consistently watch them. A boiling pot empties too quickly. Thus, the danger of fire and the aromas only vaporize while the pot is boiling. Never leave a boiling pot on the stove unattended.

Choice number 2, is not as helpful as choice number 1. Although, it takes a lot longer for the water to evaporate than a boiling pot on the stove. The water does boil out and the candle keeps burning.

Choice number 1 is best, because the electric diffuser usually, comes with an automatic sensor that turns itself off when the water has gotten, too low. Plus, they can run from 6 – 8 hours at a time. That is 6 – 8 hours of naturally, disinfecting herb essence vaporized straight into your air. Not to mention, they can be purchased from Walmart, the Dollar General, Walgreens and many other stores for as little as $8.00.

Keep in mind, cleaning and cleaning often will still be needed. However, it is possible for these herbs to enhance the clean by adding disinfecting properties to your air and for a long time.

Image by emilytrue from Pixabay

These are some of the herbs that contain some disinfecting properties. They can be purchased in essence form (oil) that can be utilized in an electric diffuser, candle diffuser or a boiling pot of water on the stove. Remember. Never leave a boiling pot unattended.


Eucalyptus; naturally antiseptic and probably #1 on most antiseptic herb lists. It is also, an ingredient in medications for the treatment of colds, cough and flu. Yet, not limited to just these.


Rosemary; contains both antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. Rosemary is also, thought of as a stress reliever. This property offers an additional benefit to these tense and frightful times.


Lavender; known for its fragrance and calming effects. Lavender like eucalyptus also, contains camphor which is a natural antiseptic found in many cold and flu medications. Lavender can be found in disinfecting multi-surface cleaners, as well as, laundry soap.

Citrus: lemon, lime and oranges

Citrus: highly fragrant and tantalizing oil. You can buy citrus as its own name; or you can buy it in individual scents. The scents being lemon, orange, lime and others. Citrus scent, on its own, is a combination of different oils of citrus fruit. The oils are usually, expressed from the outer rine. Its properties are within its acidic content. The acid kills germs and bacteria and can also, be used as a bleach substitute. Citrus works well combined with any of these essential oils listed above.

Remember. If you choose, to add these oils to your home cleaning in any form; make certain that it is essential oils and not a perfume only. Do not let the oils be in direct contact with your skin. Essential oils are naturally concentrated and can cause damage to skin. If direct contact does occur, wash affected area immediately.

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