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The Portable Investment

In these days of the Coronavirus, and increased violence due to racial injustice, we are all having to make adjustments in our day to day living. Some of these adjustments are minor. Some these adjustments are major. The last thing we need added to these adjustment is more inconvenience.

One inconvenience already existed for some. Now, the inconveniences may have increased for a few who live in the circumstance of not having a washer and dryer. Although, rare some laundry-mates still accept coins. Unfortunately, those depending on this type of laundry-mate are having to look harder for coins, do less laundry, or seek a laundry-mate that will accept debit cards.

From there the inconvenience may extend into the overcrowding of a laundry-mate that is equipped to accept debit cards. Yet, still not forgetting that having to spend any extended amount of time in a crowd increases the chances for contracting COVID-19. Especially, when the crowd is hauling baskets of dirty laundry around.

It is understood that having to go to the laundry-mate during COVID-19 can be daunting. As if it was not, before COVID-19. Yet, having clean laundry is just as important as the increased need to practice good hygiene and to wash our hands more regularly. All of the extra efforts are toward prevention. Going to the laundry-mate, on the other hand, can seem damned if we do or damned if we don’t.

Money is tight for a lot of people. Unemployment is skyrocketed. Anyone that has had the Cornavirus, has had to be hospitalized, and without health insurance has current medical expenses. Not to mention, other added expenses to just daily living. This brings to question; is going to the laundry-mate more cost effective than owning a washer and dryer? Especially, if it poses a greater risk for contracting COVID-19?

The washer/dryer alternatives may cost less over a year’s time than going to the laundry-mate. These alternatives are portable. They could either resolve the problem of having to go to the laundry-mate, at all; or reduce the frequency of going, and the amount of laundry that must go to the laundry-mate. This depends upon the capacity of the washer and dryer. Portable washers and dryers cost at least 50% – 75% less than traditional washers and dryers.

For example, when I bought my portable washer and dryer I paid a total of about $415.00 for both. My washer (made by Haier) at the time was on sale for about $165.00. My dryer (made by Magic Chef) was about $250.00. This was approximately 2 years ago. I have never been happier with an investment since my car! When the Coronavirus hit, I was even happier with my investment! I could obey the stay at home order and not concern going to the laundry-mate.

My washer and dryer.

I only wash for one. I opted for the 1.5 cubic capacity washer, and the 1 cubic capacity dryer. I would have selected a larger dryer, but I live in a small space. So, the dryer needed to be smaller in order to hide it.

There are other brands in portable washers and dryers. One is made by Samsung (washer). Other types and brands are coming out with their versions. The prices vary from high to low, but they are all about 50% – 75% less costly than a traditional washer and dryer.

Here is the gist. I spent an average of $35.00 per week on laundry. Multiply $35.00 X 4 weeks in a month average. That is a total of $140.00 per month on laundry. That does not include laundry soap, dryer sheets, etc. If you subtract the cost of going to the laundry-mate from the cost of my portable washer, the result is $25.00. So, in about a little over a week of using my washer, the washer paid for itself. You must also factor in increased water expenses. Where I live, I have free water. I am lucky.

A Quick Review

  • The washer (made by haier) is different, but great. On a scale from 1 – 10. I give it a 10! It has a flat beater that rises and falls from the bottom. You can order castors and a tray to roll it around. There is also a stand to place it under, and the dryer on top. It has multiple cycles. Including, a gentle cycle. It has multiple load sizes; small, medium, large, and extra large. It beeps when laundry is finished washing. It’s rinse cycle is spin and rinse. Except, for the gentle cycle which fills with water and rinses. It works excellently!
  • The dryer (made by Magic Chef) is about a 4 on the scale. I think it’s because it is so small, and extra precaution was taken toward fire prevention in the making of this product. To this degree, I am 5’4″ tall and I weight about 140 lbs. My jeans are small. It takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes to dry one pair of jeans. Two large towels take about the same amount of time. All in all, It takes about 3 hours to dry an extra-large load from the washer. That doesn’t bother me, because I am at home and doing other things. For that reason that the dryer is small and slow, I wash daily. Compared to other dryers, there are some that seem a little hotter (by reading product descriptions and review) in temperature than mine, but I’m good. I can’t complain. I really am happy and will not buy a different one at this time, and there has been no great increase in my electric bill. It is hard to notice any increase.

I am absolutely happy with having a washer and dryer in my rental. As far as the dryer is concerned, I could hang my jeans and towels up to dry and be just fine. Since it makes no great impact on my electric, I just let them dry in the dryer. The wrinkles are not near as removed as would be a bigger dryer, but they are reduced. I hope this helps you consider an investment in a portable washer and dryer, if needed!

How to Add Greater Realism to Your Electric Fireplace!


Photo by Milly Eaton-Pexels

There is nothing like coming in from the cold and warming up in a nice, cozy home. We’ve all done things to make home cozy and warm. We’ve added blanket throws and pillows. We’ve bought cocoa and added the marshmallows. We’ve even provided a fireplace. Yet, what can we do to make that electric, light show fireplace become more real? Here’s how!

In pictures, the flame of an electric fireplace can draw our attention and money. Some of us, “that own one, still like it. Others are disappointed. “It just isn’t real enough.” Well, here are some tips to make realism come to life.

Treat your electric fireplace as you would a real fireplace.

With a real fireplace, decorating around it makes it a centerpiece or focal point. Although, a fireplace is generally a focal point of its own. Not leaving it too bland and blank, as a surround, brings out beauty and enjoyment to any fireplace. Even when it sits unused. It stands a well decorated focal point that brings enjoyment to the eye.

Increase the ambiance effect.

Ambiance is the total reason why people buy electric fireplaces. For some, the results of an electric fireplace can be dissatisfying. Usually, due to the lack of realism in the flame effect, itself. Don’t despair! Candles, faux or real add a fantastic realism to any electric fireplace.

Using faux flame fire effect candles are next to impossible from telling the difference between real and not real. That same effect latches on to the the faux fireplaces effect by causing a blending of all of the flame effects into one big, beautiful fiery effect. A bonus, is when your electric fireplace is particularly small, the addition of candles broadens the flame. It gives the effect of a larger flame than what is actually there.

Use all of your senses.

There is more to a fireplace than meets the eye. Your nose and ears play a very important role in the total ambiance effect. Burning incense conveys the effect of burning wood. It also, leaves behind that smokey smolder, of lingering in the air, a wood fires smell.

Sound effect boxes made for adding greater ambiance to an electric fireplace sell for very little. You can find them online easily. Just search for fireplace sound effect boxes and they should pop right up. They make the relaxing crackling sound that mesmerizes our ears.

Photo by Ylanite Kloppens-Pexels

Don’t forget your taste buds! Enjoy your favorite drink or treat directly by the fire. The sight, sound and smell of that great fireplace experience is waiting for you. Your taste buds will enjoy the same!

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Top Hat Tips Brings to You…


A Very Micro Christmas!”

T’was weeks before Christmas and all through the apartment. Not a Christmas was stirring, not even on my parchment. There was no room. No room for a tree. Only because my home was too tiny. There was furniture and things that could not be removed. The corners were all filled and I was behooved! I shut my eyes in sad dismay. Then chirping noise seemed to gather my way.

I looked out my window to see the sound and found tiny redbirds fluttering around. I was amazed to see so many. Usually one or two, but not that many!

I reached for my phone to snap a shot. Then one of them said, “Hey, guess what we’ve got?” I looked all around, ’cause I was in shock. “We’ve got good tips for you; You’ll like them a lot.”

My eyes grew big as I spoke my wonder. “Was that you little redbird? I truly ponder.” All the redbirds fluttered with wings a span. “Yes! We have spoken; We are your biggest fans!” Then with a hop and a sweet chirping sound. The leader ( I guess he was) waived his wing around. “You have a catalog called “limited Commodities” that just came in; don’t throw it away! Upon this, you must depend!” I said, “I cannot afford such things of delight.” Another bird answered, “You can on this night; look inside you’ll see, you’ll see; the one thing affordable will make you so happy!”

My package arrived very fast and swift. There was a larger box with a smaller one inside of it. Pictures I took for you to see. The box sent to me from “Limited Commodities!” There are a few more places on-line that sell these trees, too. I just wanted to relay were I bought this to you. Here are the pictures of the tree and inner box.

The tree hangs from the hook and requires three AA batteries for its lights. The hook and the star are one piece. The back of the star has a nail eyelet. It is exactly like hanging a picture.

Once the tree is unrolled, it can re-roll for storage. It refits back into its box that is only about two feet long and twelve inches wide.

The branches can bend. Out stretching them, like most false Christmas trees makes the tree look fuller.

Back again, the birds flew in; bringing to me another suggestion. “Go, again to the store you love; the Dollar Tree has gifts from above.”

Off to the Dollar Tree I went. My heart full of excitement. I didn’t expect to find much there, but what I found made me stair. I reflected back to the tree I bought. My mind finally caught– the tree had little redbirds on it. The Dollar Tree had them, too! Little redbirds to place here and there. How amazing! I do swear! This was most definitely a blessing from above. Little redbirds I do love.

Rushing straight home, I hoped to find the little redbirds still chirping their chime. I opened the door in haste to see. They were all there waiting for me.

I told the little redbirds my design. Hearing every word, the leader gave a sign. Up in the air flew up my bags, little redbird beaks removing the tags. Carefully they began to hang, every ribbon and bell. I photographed it all. So, to you I could tell.

First, there was the wrapping paper. Then the tree. The wrapping paper in the back; as you can see. Followed by the ribbon on all four sides. No blank spaces here. They cannot hide.

The two antique style signs to hang left and right. Don’t forget the presents. They’ll suit just right. They are card boxes all ready to see. They’ll cling perfectly beside the tree.

The star on top was a perfect match. A better star, I couldn’t attach!

I put the tins on the counter above, an arrangement of holly, some candles and a garland of love. Faux little redbirds positioned with care. To remind me of the real ones there.

A long story short. So, you can view. “A Very Micro Christmas” is what you can do. A flat wall tree and merely pennies, brings you elegance and Christmas glories!

So here is the view, come one, come all. My tale is the truth it is never tall! See what the little redbirds and I have done. In a tiny apartment, room for just one. Just down below, the pictures will show, a miracle had happened! I need you to know!

Merry Christmas to all with Blessings, plenty! A wonderful Christmas and barely a penny!

Enjoy the slideshow!

Season’s Greetings!

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