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A Work-From-Home Therapy

Working at home can become similar to quarantine. It means that you are at home morning, noon, and night. This can get droll and depressing. The redundancy of the day can take a tole on individuals.

Finding relief from staring at the same walls day, after day, after day can be relieved quite easily. This may mean that during any spare time, you have to take time to make your home feel great. Not just in one area, but multiple areas. Since, it is summer. This is the best time to take advantage of more spaces to stretch your work environment out.

Sometimes the solution to hum drum is to just find a different spot to work in. These pictured areas are hoped to inspire you to do just that. Such as, sitting in front of a window, if you are not already doing that.

It is good to change spaces for a little while. A view in front of a window can provide a sense of being outside and not cooped up in your home. It brings to mind air and freshness. Especially, when the window can be opened. The light from the window can be very uplifting.

Sitting outside while working can feel great. Taking advantage of the cooler, early morning hours can carry you throughout your day. It can make work relaxing. It’s even better when the outside area your working in is filled with healthy ambiances. Ambiances like plants well arranged, and cozy seating that makes it comfortable to watch the sun rise while getting some things completed from your work to-do-list.

If working on your patio or out in your yard is not possible, take a few minutes to take a break outside. Stretch, or have a nice, cold drink. It’s your home. Take advantage of it. Use the space you have to let your mood stay positive.

Sunlight and fresh air can make all the difference in how a person feels throughout a workday. It can boost energy, elevate moods, and relax the mind. Work becomes comfortable and being glad it’s there to do can take away the feeling of being cooped up.

Just because you work at home does not mean you are no longer living. It just means you have to learn to “live” at home. That means making home not only a shelter, but a place where relaxation, enjoyment, and activity are all under one roof.

Self expression is literally at your doorstep. Spreading out within your home allows self expression a place to go. Express yourself in all that you do.

You are no longer under as strict of a code of conduct. You have virtually an absolute say in what you where, and where you sit. Even if it means working on the floor. If this is what makes you comfortable, you should do it. As long as the work is getting done, and correctly, you harm none. Enjoy and relax within your home.

  • Tip- Don’t be afraid to take your shoes off either. It is healthy to let your feet breath. Keep a pair handy for when you want to go outside. Remember, bare feet tracks in more dirt and grime than shoes. So where your shoes when going outside to prevent this from happening.

Use the couch. Some people are comfortable to work from their sofas. Feel free to do just that. Remember. You are utilizing various spaces to work within. This is in order to break up the feeling of being cooped up. Doing work in different areas of your home helps alleviate that feeling. If you are comfortable on the couch working, use it.

Go for a walk. If you don’t have time during working hours to do so, do it after. Shut down your laptop or computer and go for a walk. Take 15-30 minutes to go around the block or down the road. Let it be a part of your unwind. You can also go on a bike ride. Either way is healthy and provides great exercise.

Now, is the time for virtually total self expression. Reworking your lifestyle to do just that is what you are learning. Once all of the kinks are worked out, you should loose any feelings of being cooped up, and gain the feeling of living.

Time Management for Working at Home

Working at home can bring a sense of freedom. It’s the feeling of being your own boss, even if you are not. You can eat when you want, drink when, and what you want. there are a lot of rules that can be broken when someone else is not watching.

However, it is wise to say, ‘never treat another adult like an unruly child.’ This is true. Especially, when it comes to people who work from home. The biggest catch for people who work from whom is being able to balance newly found freedom with serious work from home. That is not always easy. Some work from home jobs are often randomly timed. Meaning, the next days schedule may not be known until the next day. That makes planning hard. Here are a few tips that may help or inspire a well planned work/home life schedule.

Make sure the job you choose can also, work with your home life.

The responsibilities you have are not only to your employer. There are responsibilities at home, as well. Make sure you are clear in every way what will be expected from you from your employer. In other words, always ask questions. It is important to know every task and every responsibility in order to know how to plan within your work schedule. Asking the right questions can help you get that understanding. Right down your questions and the answers. This will help you evaluate how much time you will need to spend doing work, and determine how much time in between you may have for home responsibilities.

Some work from home jobs can take up too much of your needed time for personal matters. Remember. Do not take on anything that’s going to be to much. You may find that it was easier to work away from than at home. Having important matters for going to the doctor or anything else important should not be hard to be able to take time off to do.

Beware of random.

There is a difference between being a responsible and reliable employee, and being taken for granted. Do not let your good quality be thought of as ‘take for granted.‘ Too many random tasks thrown at you during any time in your day or night is not fair. Let your employer know, “Hey, I can’t work after 4:00 pm,” If it is not definite and an agreement between you and your employer, set the time yourself. Give yourself time for you and/or family.

Get up at a regular time every work day.

Set your alarm. Get up. Take a shower. Get dressed. Give yourself time for a good breakfast and some wake-up time. Be refreshed and alert. All random cannot be avoided. This will also, help that your day stays active and non-lethargic. Remember. You have to balance home and work. Getting out of bed too late causes slagging. Do not slag your day. Do home and work so that the weekend can be clear for fun.

Go to bed!

Every night before your work day, go to bed. Make sure you give yourself at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Not going to bed on time causes slag, also. You’ll feel tired, and sluggish. You’ll move slower, and get less done. This includes what you can get done at home, as well as, for work.

Having the habit of going to bed too late and sleeping to long can lead to depression for even a healthy person. It is also, a fast track to a lowered immunity for fighting disease and sickness. Such as, the Coronavirus. Don’t get depressed, and don’t get sick.

Make two to-do lists.

Make two to-do lists. Make one for the things that are needed done for your home and one for work. Take some from your home list and put with your work list. Having a little extra time between working can give you enough time to do things at home. For instance, taking out the trash, loading the dishwasher, starting laundry etc. It depends, of course, on how much extra time you’ll actually have. Remember, to scratch off everything accomplished.

Keep a schedule.

Plan what time you are going to get up; what time are you going to have breakfast; what time are your going to have lunch; what time are you going to take at least 15 minute breaks. Breaks are just as important at home as it is in a job away from home. Take regularly scheduled breaks. It is good for your health.

Don’t forget to schedule how long you are going to spend on these breaks. Are you going to spend 30 minutes having lunch or an hour. Just make sure that they start and stop at scheduled times. Keep them cohesive to quitting time. Don’t schedule a 15 minute break 30 minutes before quitting time. Use your away from home job’s schedule as a template.

Plan your lunch.

What do you truthfully have time to do? Will you have time to cook lunch? Most work at home jobs may not provide enough time to cook lunch. Know the limit. Prepare ahead your lunch to maintain it within a schedule. A schedule like 30 minutes to an hour. This would include any food ordering, as well. Stick to a schedule. A schedule is reliable, and trustworthy that you are truthfully responsible.

Maintain schedule upkeep.

Remember, to work on your next days schedule during your current work day. As things come along, and things come to mind, write them down. This will help you keep up with making the schedule and update your to-do list. These two things are symbiotic to a well organized schedule, and making sure that all things are getting done. Doing this will help to free up more of your time at the end of the work day.

The Kitchen Table Work Space

It seems that working at home is not just a trend. It is the future happening, now! What makes it seem so trendy is the many people who are new to working at home. There are also a lot of people discovering a stay-at-home side-gig. Having a side-gig supplements extra money into the income derived from a full-time job.

It makes for a busier home life either way. As we all know, a busier home life leads to extra clutter. We don’t want clutter, and extra clutter just adds to the problem of disorganization.

Some people are lucky to already have a designated space in their home that is a home office. Some people are content to work at their kitchen tables. Others are discovering the new duty to assign to a kitchen table. For all of these, there are ways to utilize the kitchen table and still have a clean and lovely family dinner space later.

One thing to deal with when your office is your kitchen table is getting the work out and putting it away. What’s wanted is to be able to have your work readily at hand. This is obtainable buy some simple rearranging. A bookcase or shelf with handy, decorative storage bins can make all of the difference. Adding castors to the bottom gives it portability. Important documents, notes, and supplies can be kept stored away making it easy to retrieve and easy to put away in a well organized manner.

When your kitchen table is your office, portability and storage is important. You’ll need to return your workspace into a home again. Good, organizable storage is a must in making that almost, daily transformation happen. Having it on wheels provides the same efficiency that an office away from home provides. Just roll it in then roll it out.

A suitcase on wheels is another good solution. Utilizing a rolling suitcase for work can still be utilized for travel later. This kills two birds with one stone. If your already storing your suitcase, you can keep your work stored away in your suitcase. Then when you are ready for travel, unpack the work and fill it with your travel needs. Your work will be home when you return.

Utilizing the pockets and storage nooks that may already exist in your suitcase is great for organizing office supplies. A drawer organizer can be added for more organization. They can be utilized to maintain neatness in the storage of other office supplies that may be needed. Things like pens, pencils, staples, paperclips, and etc.

If you don’t want to roll, then carry. As long as it is not too strenuous, carrying your office work to your kitchen table works. You can use a storage bin/bins or a suitcase not on wheels. If either are decoratively pleasing enough, leave them out as a peace of furniture. They can look great stored openly.

Make sure the storage you choose provides you with adequate space for what is being stored. If the space is too small, loss of important documents and destruction/damage of documents can occur. It is also very difficult to find what you need in an efficient manner, if your storage is over crammed.

Working at home requires as much efficiency as an away from home office requires. It helps you keep focused on dates and times that are needed for deadlines and appointments. This is even if all appointments are online. Everyone your working for or with is on a schedule. Don’t loose notes and reminders.

If your planning to relocate your workspace to a home office, that is easier achieved if all the work and tools you use are kept well organized. It will roll or carry to your new office space just as easy as it did to your kitchen table.

What you use, now for storage does not have to be expensive. However, it should be sturdy. don’t use cardboard boxes or anything that is going to fall apart. if you do use cardboard boxes, make sure that you reinforce them. Avoid the problem of carrying your work to the kitchen table and the bottom of the box drops out on you. That would be a big hindrance in your work schedule.

A rolling cart is another convenient way to store office work and supplies. Not only can the supplies and work be stored on these. The bins you store in or books you may be required to have can be stored neatly and efficiently.

Getting something attractive and that can enhance the look of your home will hide away any sign that you work from home. Later, if you choose, you could integrate it into a home office or leave it to store other things.

There can be a lot of freedom when you work from home. One of those freedoms is being able to decide where you want your office, and how you want it to look. It can be open concept, a room of it’s own, or the coziness that can be derived from a kitchen table. It’s all yours! So, enjoy it!